Free Hot Meals Offered at Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church

Feed the Masses is a non-profit organization that has been preparing thousands of free meals to those in need since 2015. Before Covid, they also offered affordable cooking classes to adults and kids but had to pivot when the pandemic hit.

Reaching out to restaurants and grocery stores were part of that pivot. Those businesses had an abundance of food that was not being sold because of stay-at-home orders shuttering restaurants and also limiting people’s ability to shop for food due to the financial impact that the pandemic caused. Jacobsen Valentine, the founder of Feed the Masses, was able to obtain donations of food items from those restaurants and grocery stores to start feeding those with food insecurity. Every day, the volunteers at his organization prepare hundreds of meals to give away for free. There are several options for meals including pick up or delivery to your home.

A new site is now offering meals provided by Feed the Masses. Every Tuesday from 12:00-1:00 pm at our neighborhood Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church,100 meals are being prepared and distributed. Anyone in need can pick up a hot meal and any left-over meals are then delivered to some of the homeless in the neighborhood and also to a women’s shelter.

If you would like to receive meals or want to volunteer with the organization, contact Feed the Masses at their website, call 971-350-8291, or email

No one should go hungry and Feed the Masses is making sure that fewer people have to deal with food insecurity. Thank you to this amazing organization that gives us hope in these trying times.