Pretty in Pink

By Shireen Hasan

Pretty in Pink would describe this woman, the amazing Minister Kim Meyers. Meyers is one of the top-ranking African American women in the nation working with one of the most prestigious and prominent companies, Mary Kay. Mary Kay is known for empowering women from all walks of life and cultures to become their own boss, reach their highest potential, and make their dreams come true! 

As an Independent Senior Sales Director, with over 4 million dollars in team sales, Minister Kim Meyers has achieved the opportunity to make use of the emblem of success. What might that be? The one and only, Mary Kay Pink Cadillac!

Minister Kim Meyers is also on track to receive the highest honor of becoming a National Sales Director. Minister Kim Meyers wants to reach and help restore those who have suffered crises from life’s experiences, provide them with an opportunity to benefit from a life of blessing and prosperity, while continuing to seek Christ for herself.