Better Half Sandwiches – Though you might want the whole thing

At 25 N Fremont, just north of New Seasons, sits a new sandwich shop with something for everyone. Better Half Sandwiches recently opened by first-time restaurant owners Alan Osborn and Kelly Haarsager. Alan grew up in Portland and Kelly moved here from Austin, Texas. The couple first met working at Whole Foods and both have experience in the restaurant industry and grocery retail.

Alan Osborn and Kelly Haarsager, owners of Better Half Sandwiches. Photo courtesy Alan Osborn and Kelly Haarsager

Their dream, besides getting married when travel restrictions finally lift, has been to open their own restaurant. It has taken two years, but that dream became reality in January of 2020 when they leased the space with a lot of potential and a nice patio space too. They planned to open in April but, because of COVID-19, their plans were postponed until July. Luckily, by that time, the want and need for takeout, a hankering for a good sandwich, and the opening of Better Half all aligned. 

Better Half Sandwiches offers breakfast sandwiches and lunchtime sandwiches and other options too. Any sandwich you choose can be made with meat-based options, has a vegan counterpart, and many sandwiches can be made gluten-free. As they say, “We want to create a space where all of the options are delicious, and everyone can enjoy a tasty sandwich without compromise.”

All the vegan meats are made in-house and the combinations of ingredients are a mix of traditional and creative. They also offer soups and salads and house ranch seasoned chips and fries.

Currently, Better Half is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. Stop by soon and enjoy a tasty sandwich. You can find the menu on their website at Call 971-347-3152 and order takeout or have your sandwiches delivered by Postmates.

Better Half
25 N Fremont