Boise Eliot Native Grove Update: Happy Sunny Day!

By Andrine and Howard de la Rocha

After our snowy and icy February, it looks as if spring is coming our way! We’ve used some of our Patron funding to acquire wood chips from ChipDrop, which were in abundance after the ice storm knocked so many branches and trees down. Thanks to New Seasons for donating cardboard for the sheet mulching. 

The newest member of the Native Grove team, the de la Rocha grandbaby. Photos courtesy Andrine de la Rocha

We’ve been steadily moving chips onto the path one wheelbarrow full at a time, re-defining the paths after a long wet season. If you want to come to move a wheelbarrow or three, come on by: the chips are in the driveway across the street; just text us (971-333-8438) for instructions and we’ll put out tools for you to use!

We made it down to Bosky Dell and bought some new plants to replace some that didn’t make it last season: 6 evergreen huckleberries, 3 red flowering currants, one beaked hazelnut, one wax myrtle, and a pacific rhododendron. We’re going to plop those in while it’s still the wet season to get them a good head start. Thanks to the Bureau of Environmental Services and Sunlan Lighting for donating gift certificates toward these purchases! 

We’re working on processing the bee-straws from last season (which have been hibernating in our fridge) and have hundreds of cocoons to put out, so check out the Bee Hotel to see the Mason bees emerging and nesting in the new straws. “Look But Don’t Touch” is the best rule of thumb; even though Mason bees don’t sting, we don’t want to harm them or disturb their mysterious rituals. Thank you to all our Bee Hoteliers for sponsoring a Bee Hotel Room through our Patreon account. If you’d like to support too, here are the links: Patreon: Boise Eliot Native Grove  and/or  PayPal: Boise Eliot Native Grove

Checking out the Mason Bee Hotel with some visitors to the Native Grove.

We still haven’t confirmed any work party dates for the spring due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, but we’re hopeful that by Earth Day we may be able to do a masked and physically distanced clean-up party. By then perhaps many of us will be vaccinated as well, but we still need to do everything we can to protect each other. Stay tuned to your email, our Instagram and Facebook pages, and our website for updates on upcoming events. We will let you know as soon as we start making plans. You are always welcome to bring a bag with you and pick up any garbage you find, just to help us out. We can also direct you on weeding if that is your jam.

As always, we are so grateful for all your ongoing support and involvement. We hope you and your families stay well and safe. Get out and enjoy the new buds on all the plants and the awakening bees. Say hello if you’re walking our way and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see our grandbaby toddling around in the meadow, saying, “Hi Hi Hi!”

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