Letter from the LUTC Chair

With the tough last year we’ve had, I’m trying to find ways to stay hopeful and find things that bring me joy. Something that I’m excited about in Eliot is that it looks like we may be welcoming many new neighbors soon.

The Songbird building, at the corner of North Williams and Tillamook, was recently completed. This building has 61 affordable homes. I’m joyously imagining 61 new families moving to the neighborhood and seeing new faces around. It’s great that these are affordable too since it’ll mean more people will be able to enjoy the amenities of our neighborhood and the proximity to downtown.

There were also two developments proposed on the south end of the Flint overpass. The first one, called Analog, will have 130 homes. The next one, right next door, is being led by Albina Vision Trust and will have 120 affordable homes and a theater. Both of these will bring a lot of life and vibrancy to the southwest part of our neighborhood.

There are several other projects in earlier stages that will also bring us more neighbors and new faces to welcome into the neighborhood. Hopefully, by the time we’re through this pandemic and can spend time with people again, we’ll have more people to share our time and neighborhood with.