EDPA2 hosting a 2nd A/C drive Aug 14th

Another Fan, Air Conditioner and Wearable Air Cooler Drive.

There is a HIGH demand for cooling devices particularly from senior living facilities, disability organizations, home aides and individuals. And, the forecast of a heatwave this coming week places a certain urgency on this effort.

Here’s the deal, the drive is scheduled for Saturday August 14, 2021 in the parking lot at 301 NE Knott from 9am to 2pm, The heatwave starts August 10 and is predicted to last over three days. 
If you want to donate a Fan, Air Conditioner or Wearable Air Cooler BEFORE Saturday’s drive and in time for the heatwave, please send an email (contactedpa2@gmail.com) to arrange a drop off or pick up.

Here’s what’s needed,
1. Volunteers to pick up/drop off devices

2. Drinks, snacks and materials for volunteers for Saturday’s event
Let’s Do it Again!!!

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