Letter from the Editor: Publishing my last issue of the Eliot News

The time has come for me to step down as Editor of The Eliot News. I have enjoyed sharing the neighborhood’s news, introducing new businesses, and telling people’s stories. The people I have met, the history I have discovered, and everything I have learned about being involved in a neighborhood association has been so rewarding.

I really want this newspaper to continue and thrive. We are looking for a person or a team to learn the publishing/layout software, find and retain advertisers, invoice and collect advertising fees, call for articles and attend neighborhood association meetings to discover content to share in each quarterly issue. We’ve had a couple people step up but can always use more as “many hands make light work”, as the saying goes.

I am willing to train team members and be available for guidance.

Publishing the Eliot News has been a gratifying and fulfilling job. I knew nothing about being an editor when I volunteered for the position seven years ago, so previous experience is unnecessary. It would be perfect for someone who wants to get into journalism or dust off their creative writing or graphic design/layout skills.

When I started, we had a team that divided up the tasks. We also, at one point, had half a dozen journalists. As happens in life, and especially with volunteer positions, people took on new jobs, had kids, moved, or life went in different directions. We can create that again.

I’m sure we have a lot of unrecognized talent in this neighborhood. We are looking for people who care about telling the story of this rich and wonderful neighborhood. Are you one of those people? Let’s talk!

I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to write an article, share a story idea, given me such great feedback and support over the years. It has definitely been a learning process and one I’ll cherish forever.

Who’s next? I can’t wait to see how the Eliot News flourishes!

For questions or more information, contact me at: news@eliotneighborhood.org