The Shopp

By Dana Austin

An angel is amongst us. My good friend, and longtime philanthropic supporter, has opened her ultimate altruistic store – aka The Shopp.

I first met Tarah at Irvington elementary ten years ago. We were auction chairs who bonded over fundraising- a mom of four kids with an itch to make folks feel inclusive, loved, and supported.  Tarah’s longtime passion is to serve people, especially women in abusive situations, or fighting against human trafficking.

Tarah and her family have pulled together a shop in the Standard Dairy building, and it’s open for business. This thrift shop donates all the profits to aid people in need locally and globally. Her shop is rent-free (currently), all the renovations for the store were donated, plus supplies and other items were gifted. Currently, clothing, shoes, and accessories are available for purchase.

The Shopp needs your help. The following things are requested to aid in the success: donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, new hygiene products, luggage, totes, boxes, and bags. Also, they would like cash donations or volunteer hours. My daughter is going to gather some ladies from Grant High School to donate time for volunteer hours.

I am so proud of all Tarah has accomplished. Please join me in supporting this local shop and help create change in someone’s life. With love to give back to my community, I am excited to help The Shopp grow.

Tarah told me a sweet story the other day that she had heard about a woman who barely escaped an abusive relationship with the clothing on her back. The joy she had putting together a large suitcase of clothing and accessories for this woman was overwhelming; she can’t wait to help more people. Please keep your eyes peeled for Shopp events and stop by and check it out. My daughter and I just spent an hour and $300 later of guilt-free shopping. Enjoy!