City of Portland’s Charter Commission hosts listening sessions

Dear community member,
The City of Portland’s Charter Commission has embarked on this once-in-a-decade opportunity to review and revise the City of Portland’s Charter (the City’s constitution) and recommend amendments for Portlanders to vote on.

Amendments to the City’s Charter can change City policies and processes that have the potential to respond to community priorities, shape our City, and address the most pressing issues facing our city.
The Charter Commission is hosting virtual Community Listening Sessions in January— we hope you join us! Our Community Listening Sessions are part of a two-part series of listening sessions. The upcoming sessions are an opportunity for community members to learn from Commissioners about charter review, options of reform for our government and elections, and join small breakout rooms to have a discussion with Commissioners on these options!
Community members are invited to attend either of the Part II Community Listening Sessions. The sessions will have the same content just offered on different days to accommodate more community member. Learn more about Charter and register here:
 Tuesday, January 11th from 6-8pm
 Saturday, January 22nd from 12-2pm.
In November, the Charter Commission hosted part I of the Community Listening Sessions and participants learned about the charter review process and the issues currently being researched by the Charter Commission. Joining part I is not a requirement to join Part II. Watch the recording of Part I here!
We hope you join us!