Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 11/15/21

Submitted by Jennifer Wilcox

Board present

  • Johnny Engleheart
  • Pat Montgomery
  • Elliott Armstrong
  • Eric McFarlane
  • Shireen Hasan-McFarlane
  • Laura Schuchardt
  • Allan Rudwick
  • Stephanie Lorentzen
  • Jimmy Wilson
  • Jennifer Wilcox

Guests present

  • Cyrene Howland
  • Thursday

Welcome and Introductions – 7:02pm

Purchasing Eliot NA computer(s) and/or software 

Discussed the idea of purchasing computers for the ENA that would be passed from officer to officer as the positions change.  Concern was expressed over keeping sensitive information on personal computers rather than computers that belong to the ENA.  Currently information is stored in a google account in the cloud.  It could be beneficial to have that information specifically on a computer for data retention, for protection. The computer could pass from officer to officer. It was suggested it might be helpful to have at least one computer that had the specific software needed for various duties such as the newsletter. It was also suggested that having ENA computers could help prevent a digital divide on the board.  Perhaps we can connect with Free Geek or look at a non-profit rate for purchasing computers.  We should also develop privacy policies in the future.

Shireen moved we research and purchase a computer for up to $500, Johnny seconded,  motion passed unanimously

Dawson Park Organizer Stipends 

We have previously discussed giving stipends to the individuals that put on the Dawson Park Concert series.  They did a lot of work organizing, planning and putting in hours at the concerts themselves.  It was suggested to give stipend in the amount of $350 per person to Jimmy, Shireen, Sue, Allan, Pat and Jennifer as a way of appreciating the work that was done.

Allan moved we offer $350 to Jimmy, Shireen, Sue, Allan, Pat (Jennifer declined the stipend). Eric seconded.  8 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention, motion passed.

Officer Elections (bylaws) 

  • Chairs/co-chair: Jimmy Wilson, Allan Rudwick
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Wilcox
  • Newsletter Editor: Elliott Armstrong
  • Recorder: Laura Schuchardt
  • Lead Community Outreach: Shireen Hasan-McFarlane
  • Vice Community Outreach: Eric McFarlane

Pat moved we elect the slate as nominated, Jimmy seconded, passed unanimously

Black Community Financial Literacy

Discussed the history of the city of Albina before it was blended with Portland and the process of gentrification.  Developing financial literacy is important to stop the gentrification and create more fair opportunities. Neighborhood associations are one of the first lines of defense against gentrification and have a responsibility to help develop jobs for the neighborhood.  Policies and procedures need to change to create more fair opportunities.  How can we help to invest back in the African American community?

It was recommended that the board read the article about the City of Albina: https://www.oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/albina_area_portland_/#.YZMxtmDMJww

It was also suggested that we have further discussion on financial literacy.

Grant – Office of Violence Prevention (due 11/22)

After one of the Dawson Park concerts, some of the board had a meeting with Commissioner Jaypal to discuss ways to address the violence on Stanton Street.  One suggestion was to apply for this grant from the Office of Violence Prevention.  Discussed forming a small group to work on the grant.  One idea was to do a small pilot another suggestion was to go for full funding of our program idea.  Another suggestion was to include financial literacy as part of the grant.  We can also look for other funding sources to fully finance what we want to do.

Eric, Jimmy, Stephanie, Pat, Jennifer, Allan, Shireen will work on this project

Neighborhood Updates

  • Eliot News: New board member Eliott is working on an article on Critical Race Theory. The next issue will be out January 1, deadline for articles is sometime in December. Elliot will get clarification of the deadline.
  • LUTC update
    • updated committee has 2 new members- 
      • Brad Baker, Chair, 
      • Allan Rudwick, vice chair, 
      • Jason Cohen, recorder
      • At large members:  Andrew Champion, James Casey McGuirk, Will Svindland
      •  Pat neighbor interested in joining,
      • meet one week before the board meetings, 2nd Monday of the month
  • MURP Grant- 405 ramps Allan is working on a proposal for a grant from PSU
  • Clean Air team: Not a lot has happened in last six months, priority is to get letters that will be sent to the biggest pollution contributors, a few things need to be finalized then will send the letters to the neighborhood associations and send letters out in January. There was a discussion about the need to keep things moving forward. Cyrene and Steffanie expressed an interest in being part of this group. 

Public Comment

There was no public comment

Approve Minutes from October

Minutes: Jimmy moved to accept the minutes, Pat seconded.  Minutes were amended and approved.

December Meeting Cancelled. January Meeting – in person or online?

Adjourn 9:00