Party On, Portland (POP)!

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This summer, Civic Life is helping neighbors host parties in their neighborhoods! These parties are a great way to get to know your neighbors, learn about cool stuff in your area, build up your community, and celebrate in a safe environment. You can throw a party for all of your friends’ pets, a marathon of all your favorite Michelle Yeoh movies, a vehement vegetarian chili cookoff, an all-ability dance party, and just about any other kind of party you want!

Safe, green, outdoor spaces are important to building safe, healthy communities. They give us places to rest and relax and connect to nature to get fresh air and sunshine. They provide free spaces for us to play sports, have a meal, bring pets, make music, get some exercise, and just hang out. Closing neighborhood streets for block parties allows us to build our own safe outdoor spaces.

Celebrations in the City of Portland will take place between August 1 and August 14. If you have any questions, call 3-1-1 or email 311@PortlandOregon.govRegistration is open from June 6 to July 1 and is free!

If you are looking to host an event with Night out for Safety and LiberationNational Night Out, or another national organization, please register through those organizations.

Register a Party

Register your party here!

Why register?

  • Get a permit for a party in the park for FREE!
  • You’ll be automatically registered for a FREE Noise Waiver for your lively activities!
  • Make it easy to get a permit to close off your street.
  • You can request professionals from safety-related City programs to attend parties to get to know your neighborhood and answer questions (no guarantees, based on availability).

Spread the Word!

Registration for POP parties is from June 6 to July 1!

We have created a POP poster for you to download and distribute to encourage people to register!

Download PDF fileParty On, Portland Poster – English(7.44 Mb)

Download PDF file Party On, Portland Poster – Русский (Russian) (6 Mb)

Download PDF file Party On, Portland Poster – Español  (Spanish)  (6 Mb)

Download PDF file Party On, Portland Poster – 华语(中文)(Chinese – Simplified) (6.95 Mb)

Download PDF file Party On, Portland Poster – Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) (6.93 Mb)

POP Partners

You can request employees from safety-related City of Portland programs like Portland Street ResponsePark Rangers, and Portland Fire & Rescue to come to your party to get to know your neighborhood and answer questions.

Register to request a visit from: Park Rangers, Portland Street Response, Neighborhood Emergency Teams (Bureau of Emergency Management), Portland Fire & Rescue, Portland Police Bureau, Office of Violence Prevention, and 9-1-1 operators (Bureau of Emergency Communications).

Related Bureau Resources

The Portland Bureau of Transportation issues permits to close streets for fun parties with their neighbors.

The Portland Parks Bureau issues permits for holding events in public parks. You can find the POP party permit here.