Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 1/17/22

APPROVED. Submitted by Laura Schuchardt

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes


  • Board present
    • Laura Schuchardt
    • Shireen Hasan-McFarlane
    • Allan Rudwick
    • Jimmy Wilson
    • Jennifer Wilcox
    • Elliott Armstrong
    • Eric McFarlane
  • Guests present
    • Mike Vaughn
    • Tim Mercer
    • Laura Fay
    • Andrew Champion
    • Cassie Muilenburg
    • Serena Li
    • Kathryn LePore
    • Susan Warwick
    • Kimberly Pendell
    • Maggie Gardner

Welcome and Introductions – 7:00pm

Agenda Additions?

None proposed

Multnomah County Assessor (Mike Vaughn)

Property tax statements start coming out around this time of year, so Mike’s trying to get ahead of questions with a short slideshow presentation with help from Tim Mercer (also from the Assessor’s office). 

Allan brought up the possibility of obtaining money to rebuild or provide restitution to those displaced by the hospital by either creating a new taxing district, or getting onto the budget of an existing one. Tim confirmed that this might be a viable option.

Hand Up Project (Ron Rasmussen) 

Canceled, as Ron did not attend.

Commissioner Hardesty’s office rep (Andre Miller)

Canceled, as Andre did not attend.

Keeping intellectual property in the community (Eric) 

Moved to February meeting.

Liquor license for Cathay Market and tobacco license for Stop & Go (Andrew)

Andrew presented a slideshow detailing Stop & Go’s violations of the city’s nuisance codes, requesting ENA file a complaint, and explaining the process that will be set off if we do, including possibly the loss of their liquor license.

As an initial step, a group from the ENA agreed to go and speak with the owner of Stop & Go about the issues in the neighborhood at 3:30pm on Tuesday, 1/18. 

Neighborhood Updates

  • Eliot News
      • The first issue of the year will be 8 pages long and  is ready to be sent out. Elliott is looking for content for the next issue.
  • LUTC Update
      • No meeting will be held this month.
  • Resignation
      • Johnny Engleheart moved to San Francisco and has resigned from the board. 
  • Grants
      • The ENA is attached to three grants, which we haven’t heard about yet.
      • Allan and others are meeting with someone from the city to get a business plan together.
  • PPS Tubman move
    • Due to air quality concerns (freeway project), PPS is considering moving Tubman.
    • There may be a letter that we’ll have the option to sign onto. More information to follow.

Public Comment

Approve minutes from November

  • We discussed the need to move forward with the computer purchase plan.
  • Some points of clarification were introduced and the minutes were edited.
  • Minutes were passed as amended.

Eric proposed that we not meet on holidays, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Everyone agreed.

Adjourn –  9:47pm