Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 4/18/22

Submitted by Laura Schuchardt,   APPROVED at the June board meeting

Board present

  • Laura Schuchardt
  • Elliott Armstrong
  • Patricia Montgomery
  • Jimmy Wilson
  • Steffanie Lorentzen

Guests present

  • Andrew Champion
  • Cassie Muilenburg
  • Amelia Harris
  • Don Hiler
  • Laura Fay
  • Serena Li
  • Scott Biniak
  • Eduardo Arizaga
  • Kimberly Pendell
  • Frances Kershaw
  • Julie Allen
  • Joann Gilles

Welcome and Introductions – 7:08pm

Agenda Additions?

Discussion regarding Matt Dishman Community Safety meeting

Follow up from the City may not come quickly

Pat recommended we form a committee, discuss ideas, and figure out what we can do on our own

Laura to forward email from the Lisa Freeman to the group

Proposal by Andrew Champion to revoke the Alcohol License Policy that was originally crafted in 1997

Quorum not present to vote

Andrew presented a slideshow about the alcohol policy and steps Eliot could be taking to enforce it.

There’s concern that we want to give the Stop & Go every opportunity to solve this without city or county involvement. Pat suggested that we send a letter to the owners detailing the issues and the actions we’re asking for. Frances recommended that we decide what escalation will look like if action isn’t taken. 

Steffanie Lorentzen, Andrew Champion and Elliott Armstrong are going to write a letter to the store. This will be sent to the Eliot Neighborhood Association Board for approval via email.

We will revisit this topic at the ENA May meeting.

Proposal by Andrew Champion to ask the City to stop sweeping houseless residents of Eliot

Quorum not present to vote

Andrew presented a slideshow about the violence in Eliot, current camps, and public safety opportunities. He ended by saying that his concerns were never about sweeps; he wanted to draw attention to a variety of issues.

Discussion of letters from Cascadia Action regarding environmental pollution – To be addressed via email. No quorum present, meeting running long.

Other neighborhood updates

Eliot News – new issue just came out

LUTC update – letter of testimony about the residential info project (more housing options, more affordable and middle-income units, the current projects don’t go far enough). The Bureau of Environmental Services came and gave an update about Irving Park – there’s a rider for a house on 7th and San Rafael; this is a good reminder that there’s an opportunity to add out-of-scope matters.

Public Comment – none

Approve minutes from previous meeting

Quorum not present to vote. Needs to be approved via email.

Adjourn – 9:23pm