Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 9/19/22

Submitted by Cassie Muilenburg – approved

Board present

  • Elliott Armstrong
  • Jimmy Wilson
  • Cassandra Muilenburg
  • Jennifer Wilcox
  • Patricia Montgomery
  • Shireen Hasan
  • Eric McFarlane
  • Allan Rudwick (final 30 minutes)

Guests present

  • Laura Fay
  • Linda
  • Julie Allen
  • Serena Li
  • Andrew Champion
  • Kat LePore
  • Brian
  • Heidi Bertman, PPS
  • John Canda, Connected, Inc
  • Maury Sails, Connected, Inc
  • James Posey
  • Vanessa Calvert


  • Welcome and Introductions – 7:05pm
  • Agenda Additions? Connected, Inc with Safer Summer PDX & James Posey request for information about ODOT lawsuit
  • Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)
    • Jennifer shared an overview of expenses in the previous months, namely the newsletter, $500 to Women’s First, and funding for the block parties
    • ENA currently has roughly $5000, there was discussion about potential income forthcoming 
  • Update on Job Fair #2
    • Jennifer shared that the past two Job & Resource fairs have been very well received by the community and have inspired a monthly effort
    • The last job fair media attention at the last event has inspired more job providers to join, and Work Systems would like to partner to provide paid internships related to the effort
    • The next Job & Resource Fair will take place on October 4th from 11AM-1PM in Dawson Park, all are welcome and volunteers are appreciated. Job and resource providers can contact ENA about participation
  • Update on VOA/District attorney’s office and the good neighbor agreement with VOA
    • Cassie provided an overview of Mike Schmidt’s response to ENA’s letter regarding the amendment and new promising data for the STEP court
    • Many at the meeting participated in discussion regarding next steps
    • One resident expressed support of the VOA and an interest in accepting the amendment to support emerging alternative incarceral models
    • Another resident expressed concerns that Mike Schmidt did not offer any tangible immediate support to the neighborhood
    • The option of sending a response with new/different requests of the County had some support, and Jimmy felt strongly that he should speak with Mike Schmidt directly
  • Connected, Inc Efforts Via Safer Summer PDX John Canda and Maury Sails spoke about the efforts initiated in 2011 in Holladay Park that were successful in deploying relationship building and positive presence to reduce crime in the park. They spoke of the every Friday “Ministry of Place” and are interested in partnering with the Eliot neighborhood to initiate similar efforts in the Dawson Park area with the support of Safer Summer PDX funding. 
  • Neighborhood Updates
    • Eliot News (deadline for content for the fall issue is the day of the meeting, Sept 19th) Jimmy mentioned possibly including an article about the fire at his food cart pod
    • LUTC not spoken about during the meeting but Andrew Champion provided updates via email regarding neighborhood activism related to  PBOT’s planned work for the traffic circle on 7th, and separately, a proposal for development at the site of Sloan’s Tavern
    • Treasurer
    • Others James Posey requested information about the ENA ODOT lawsuit. Allan joined over the phone and explained how and why the lawsuit came about and when it was initiated. It was difficult to hear Allan over the phone, so James Posey requested the information be sent to him. In general, there was a lot of discussion about how board members would like to be better aware of and informed about ongoing ENA activity, like this lawsuit.
  • Public Comment (5 min)
    • Jimmy invited Heidi Bertman to speak. She shared a desire to see community feedback related to the Russell and Vancouver building planning.
    • Not discussed due to time constraints, but the next Reclaiming Black Joy event will take place on Friday 9/30 and the organizers are actively seeking volunteers to support with set-up/tear-down of the event. Contact Sunshine Dixon directly at 503-673-2874 sunshine@iammoreresilient.com
  • Adjourn

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