Connect to BEH Kindergarten event Thursday 5:30pm at the BEH library

Have a child and need to sign them up for school? Portland Public Schools has several events scheduled to see the schools in person. Most of the Eliot Neighborhood is in the Boise-Eliot/Humboldt (BEH) School area. More information on enrolling at BEH can be found here:

I am in year 4 of 10 with my eldest two daughters there and I could not recommend it more highly. The teachers and administration are top notch. Principal Kaveh’s goal is to have 3 classes per grade, which would require 65 kids per grade for grades 4-5 and slightly lower numbers for the lower grades. The way to achieving this is asking more neighbors to at least consider this great school and so I am asking you to take a look. Ask to take a tour or visit on one of the scheduled connect to kindergarten dates. Filling out the paperwork on the earlier side would be a great help to retain our existing teachers amid proposed cuts by the district.

There is an event this coming Thursday where you can tour the school and get a sense of what it is like this coming Thursday 3/15 at 5:30pm. You can also get a sense of the weekly highlights from the Principal’s Message page here:

Principal Kaveh is happy to answer any questions can be reached at

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