Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 2/27/23

Submitted by Nate Jones and Laura Fay – DRAFT not yet approved

Co-Chairs: Jimmy Wilson and Pat Montgomery


Board Present

·        Jimmy Wilson – Co-Chair

·        Pat Montgomery – Co-Chair 

·        Jennifer Wilcox – Treasurer

·        Elliott Armstrong – Newsletter Editor

·        Shireen Hasan – Lead Community Outreach

·        Etheric McFarlane – Vice Community Outreach

·        Cassie Muilenburg – Vice Community Outreach

·        Andrew Champion

·        Marie DeCamp

·        Nate Jones

·        Kathryn LePore

·        Serena Li

·        Alice Newman

·        Bliss Suh

 Other Attendees:

Tessa Fowler – Volunteers of America Men’s Resource Center

Allan Rudwick – LUTC

Mary Thompkins – Safe Blocks Coordinator

George Brandt – PSU

Megan – PSU

Ananda – PSU

Ian – PSU

Grace – PSU

Tory – first time attendee

Mel – first time attendee

Jack – first time attendee

Kate – first time attendee

Ian – first time attendee

Jose – first time attendee

Seth – first time attendee

WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS: Pat Montgomery called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

AGENDA ADDITIONS: Allan Rudwick asked to move up the land use discussion to the beginning of the meeting and Jimmy Wilson agreed.

REVIEW MEETING AGREEMENTS: The meeting agreements were shared [Link], and Pat reviewed for those first-time attendees.

APPROVE MINUTES FROM JANUARY 23RD MEETING: Jennifer Wilcox called for a motion to approve the minutes [Link] from the January 23, 2023 meeting. Serena Li seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

VOA UPDATE ON STEP: There was a good discussion on the VOA and STEP programs between Tessa Fowler, the ENA and other neighbors. The VOA acknowledged that the recent progress on improving the screening process was not where what we asked for last session, mainly due to HIPPA constraints. The board voted to renew the amendment for three months, during which time 1) Marie DeCamp will work with VOA on the screening process 2) There will be a meeting scheduled by the VOA with the ENA intake team within the next month.

VOTE TO RENEW VOA GNA AMENDMENT: Owing to a procedural error, the vote on this motion was not binding. The item will be taken up in the next meeting on March 20, 2023.

LUTC UPDATE: PSU Urban Planning – Fremont Bridgehead Reclamation. The PSU team introduced the Fremont Bridgehead (FBH) Reclamation project. It will be an exploratory, planning focused project, with the objective of developing ideas on how the land could be freed up and transitioned to community uses. Kick-off begins in March and the goal is to deliver a strategic plan and next-step recommendations in June. The PSU team also fielded questions from the ENA board and other community members.

BOARD PRIORITIES AND ACTIVITIES: Bliss took input on what activities the ENA used to be involved in that we would like to do again. Ideas thrown out were a neighborhood “spring cleaning” day, neighborhood pruning activity, SBA small business fair, community engagement day, park concerts, etc. Bliss will be re-distributing the notes she took and sending out to the ENA board along with a survey.

MOTION: Bliss called for a motion to host a representative from PPB at the next Board meeting. Nate seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Eliot News: Elliott Armstrong asked for help with proof-reading, copy-writing and finding new clients for advertising. The next paper deadline for content is April 1st. Nate Jones volunteered to help with finding advertising, and Elliot will send out a request for volunteers in the next issue.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance sits just north of $5K. Jennifer applied for a new card since the old one was linked to Sue. We need this to pay for our newspaper printing. She also is working on ways to improve our mail collection.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Mary Thompkins introduced herself as our new Safe Blocks coordinator. They are looking to do something similar to the 82nd and Milton project in Northeast.

Jimmy expressed that we can invite people from city council to the ENA but would want us to have a plan of action before we do so.

ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 8:39pm.

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