We want your house (for very little)

As the folksingers say, “To every thing, there is a season.” In Eliot at least, when times are hard and real estate prices are down, it is time for the flippers to emerge from their holes.

“We want to buy your house,” proclaim the signs on telephone poles. So do letters from Phoenix Homes, Metro Homes Northwest, and many others. They promise “cash, in any condition, no real estate fees.”

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New Streetcar Route Serves Eliot

The Loop Streetcar testing on NE Broadway. Photo courtesy Portland Streetcar Inc.

To those who missed the Grand Opening on September 22-23, and are otherwise unaware of it, by the time you read this the Portland Streetcar should be alive, reasonably well, and operating on the southern fringe of Eliot.

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Cloudburst Recycling Goes Greener with Solar

Cloudburst solar array under the east end of the Fremont Bridge.

Cloudburst Recycling, one of Portland’s earliest green companies, has recently gotten even greener.

This summer the waste hauler installed solar panels on the roof of their headquarters at 2223 N. Randolph St. in the Lower Albina industrial area. According to Cloudburst co-owner David McMahon, they will generate 62 percent of the plant’s electric consumption. In fact, in the first 80 days alone they generated one third of their 2009 electric consumption. McMahon adds, “The place used to be Pacific Power and Light’s headquarters, so virtually everything is electric.”

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Dreamers Marketplace Brings More Retail to Eliot

Dreamers Marketplace

The Eliot neighborhood has long longed for more retail on commercial streets such as Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, to see activity and commercial services instead of empty lots and buildings. Things have improved since our low point in the late 1970s, but more is needed.

Until we capture that dream, we have Dreamer’s Market Place.

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