Mayor Potter at Jefferson High

In an exciting and unique opportunity for students, parents, educators and community members, Portland Mayor Tom Potter is moving his office and City Hall to Jefferson High School.  The week long visit, starting Monday January 14th at 7:45 am, will include a City Council meeting on Wednesday and the State of the City address on Friday.

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Possible changes at Boise-Eliot School?

Boise-Eliot School is our neighorhood school. The K-8 program feeds into Grant High School, but could a switch to Jefferson be in the works?

A recent article in The Oregonian looks at possible changes to the current feeder system, pointing out that Boise-Eliot School is a lot closer to Jefferson than it is to Grant.

The article doesn’t suggest imminent changes, but it’s worth noting that Grant is bursting at the seams while Jefferson is half-empty.