Multi-craft make-over

Daniel Duetcsh, the new owner of properties at the triangle where Broadway and Weidler split spoke to Eliot’s land-use committee May 21 to discuss his plans.

The Multi-Craft Plastics building at 222 N. Broadway once hosted the Dude Ranch and other legendary African-American jazz clubs.  Duetsch said he intends to preserve the buildings, not demolish them. He is largely finished with 1618 N. Vancouver and is working on 222 N. Broadway.  He has been upgrading the wiring, plumbing, and mechanical systems and making some seismic repairs so he can rent space to higher value tenants than the previous warehouse uses.  He would like to attract retail to the ground floor. People who work in the area have asked for restaurants. In the short term, Duetsch wants to get the new spaces rented out. But in the long run, he said he wants to get the buildings listed historically and do some additional work on 222 N Broadway.