Broadway Books

Broadway Books LogoA series of posts about places where you can buy, borrow or donate books in and around our amazing neighborhood.

In 1992 two friends decided that Northeast Portland needed a neighborhood bookstore and, after working in the book business for many years, decided to go out on their own to open their own store.  Turning an old furniture store into a bookstore, buying what seemed like a million books for their bookshelves, hiring a few good people, the beginning of an almost quarter century business had begun.  There have been a couple changes in ownership but the spirit of the store  and the dedication to the customers and neighborhood remains the same. As their website states, “Our friends became our customers and our customers became our friends.”

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A World Champion in Our Midst

Photo of Molly McConnel
Molly McConnell, world champion boxer and owner of McConnell’s Boxing Academy

Place yourself at the corner of NE 7th and NE Broadway. What businesses do you remember seeing there? A few weeks ago, I would have said, “A mattress store, a few bars, restaurants, and the Les Schwab tire dealership.”

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Winter Activity – McConnell’s Boxing

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Ready to take on the new year and try something new with your fitness regimen?  Right at the corner of NE Broadway at NE 7th Avenue above Cotton Cloud Futons is McConnell’s Boxing Academy. McConnell’s offers a variety of classes for those 13 years and up.  Personal training and private lessons are also available and are geared towards men and women.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood?

N/NE Quadrant PlanThe future of Eliot was hotly debated during the NE Quadrant (NEQ) plan process with most of the NE neighborhood representatives opposing widening I-5, replacement of the overpasses with “lids,” and the Hancock overcrossing. The NEQ increased allowed building height and density along Broadway and in the area across Broadway from the Rose Quarter. City Planners believe the new lid and Hancock extension will “reconnect” Eliot to a new “Pearl District East” development across Broadway from the Rose Quarter and along Broadway on Eliot’s southern edge.

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I-5 Overpass Reconstruction Moving Forward

I-5 Overpass Reconstruction
I-5 Overpass Reconstruction

“The Box”

The recently adopted NE Quadrant Plan (a part of the Central City and Comprehensive Plans) was conducted in cooperation with the Transportation offices of the State (ODOT) and City (PDOT) to coordinate ODOT’s plans to expand capacity on I-5 through the Rose Quarter and the I-5 ramps with PDOT’s plans for the area between at Broadway/Weidler, an area known as “the Box”.

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Building a Better Broadway Street

3 Lanes of Broadway
3 Lanes of Broadway

Northeast Broadway and Weidler Streets between the Willamette River and Northeast 24th Avenue are streets that are looking for traffic.  Currently, the number of cars on Broadway and Weidler do not, even during the busiest rush hours, meet even 70% of the designed capacity of the streets. That is to say that the streets are bigger than they need to be in terms of the number of lanes that are striped on them.  What are the consequences of this?  Cars can speed down Broadway and Weidler streets quickly all day and all night.

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Land Use and Transportation Roundup

7th Avenue Traffic Calming Island
7th Avenue Traffic Calming Island

On the transportation side, a few things are heating up. City staff hosted a meeting about a future NE 7th or 9th avenue bikeway.  There was a strong preference to use 7th in Eliot’s section of the greenway due to it being cheaper and being able to address other safety concerns on 7th avenue at the same time. There is concern from the City’s perspective about diverting many of the cars from 7th to other routes although they have some tools to help this.

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1960’s Design of NE Broadway

(click to see bigger)
(click to see bigger)

During the construction of Interstate 84 through Sullivan’s gulch, NE Broadway was, for 4 years used as the way to connect from a completed part of the highway, east of Hollywood, to the rest of Portland.  During this time, NE Broadway was widened and converted to be the fast, wide road it is today.  This design, which could have been temporary, was never really considered for changes.

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Eliot Says No To Street Rename

The City of Portland is currently evaluating options for renaming Broadway, Grand Ave or NE 39th after civil rights leader Cesar E Chavez.   At the April 13th Eliot Neighborhood Association Spring General Membership meeting a motion was brought to the floor to oppose renaming a street after Cezar E Chavez.

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Proposed Broadway Name Change

The City of Portland is currently evaluating options for renaming a street after civil rights leader Cesar Chavez. After a failed attempt in 2007 to rename North Interstate after the Latino labor and civil rights leader, the Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard Committee has initiated the street renaming process.  This time Broadway, Grand and 39th “streets” are potential candidates.

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