Save money on stormwater bills and help clean up the river

If you contain the rain on your property, you can save money on your monthly City of Portland stormwater bill. When you disconnect your downspouts, build a swale or even if you have trees, stormwater soaks into the ground instead of running off your property. That’s good for rivers, streams and watersheds, and for your budget.

Portland sewer ratepayers who contain rainwater on their property can earn up to a 100% discount on the on-site stormwater management charge on their city water/sewer bill. The discount is worth up to $5.88 per month for homeowners. For commercial ratepayers, the discount is worth up to $2.45 per month per 1,000 square feet of impervious areas served by private stormwater facilities.

Ratepayers who qualify for the stormwater discount can also receive a one-time retroactive credit of up to 12 months of stormwater discounts. The deadline to register for the retroactive credit is June 30, 2007. There is no deadline to register for stormwater discounts.

The city accepts Clean River Rewards registrations online, by telephone or by mail. Commercial and residential ratepayers can register online at Residential ratepayers can register on the telephone by calling 503-823-1371, and all ratepayers can call that number to order a registration packet.

The city holds ongoing workshops to help both residential and commercial ratepayers fill out registration forms and learn how to add stormwater management facilities to their property that will help them qualify for the discount. Workshop schedules, technical information and other resources are online at

The Bureau of Environmental Services provides city residents with Clean River programs including, water quality protection, wastewater collection and treatment, and sewer installation.

For more information contact Linc Mann, 503-823-5328, or Joan Saroka, 823-5021