Where to Get Financial Assistance for Childcare?

woman and baby
Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

There is so much more to raising a child today than just loving them unconditionally and teaching them the right values. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 64.2 percent of women with children under 6 years old were either working or looking for jobs in 2015. If both parents are working, you may have to think about leaving your kid in a childcare facility.

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Bike Registration that Works

BikeIndexBryan Hance started StolenBicycleRegistry.com in 2004 because he was tired of having bikes stolen. Seth Herr started the Bike Index in 2013 because he was a bike mechanic and wished there was an easy way to register bikes for his customers. They merged Bike Index and SBR in July of 2014 because it made perfect sense—Seth makes sure registration is effortless, and Bryan recovers stolen bikes.

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PDX Reporter App

PDX Reporter App
PDX Reporter App

Don’t know who to call to complain about graffiti or abandoned cars or other urban nuisances?  Well, there is a “app” for that.  The app is provided through PBOT so the reports are limited to abandoned autos, debris in the road, graffiti, illegal parking, park maintenance needs, plugged street drains, potholes, sidewalk complaints and failed or failing streetlights.

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Your Comfortable Safe Home Awaits

After what seemed like an endless, hot summer, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief as temperatures are finally dropping—winter is just around the corner! But before the cold sets in for good, fall is the perfect time to take some easy steps to make your home cozier, healthier and safe for this winter and beyond.

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Community Preparedness

By Tim Cook

A street in Valdivia Chile after the large earthquake May 22nd 1960

The recent 5 alarm fire in our neighborhood reminds us of the importance of community and working together to improve emergency preparedness. Many who had to evacuate homes during the fire felt a sense of vulnerability, which sparked new discussions about individual resilience.

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Tackle The Toilet

Contributed by the Regional Water Providers Consortium

According to the EPA, 10 percent of homes in the U.S. have leaks that waste 90 or more gallons of water day. Toilets are one of the most common culprits – and also one of the easiest to detect and fix. Oftentimes, the most common problem is a worn flapper valve that needs to be replaced. This is a simple and inexpensive fix.

Does the sound of running water from your toilet never stop? Perhaps your toilet runs on and off throughout the day, without being flushed? Or maybe your toilet doesn’t make any noise at all? Either way, many homeowners don’t know when their toilet isn’t working properly—but toilet troubles add up, affecting both the environment and your water bill. Surprisingly, one leaky toilet can fill an entire swimming pool with water after just one year.

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Help make Eliot “waterwise”

Water Gauge Kit

Did you know water usage in the Portland Metro area can more than double and even triple during the summer months? We Oregonians work hard to keep our lawns and gardens green in hot and dry weather. Many of us have heard the advice to water our lawn about an inch a week – and more during hotter weather – but few of us actually know what that means. In fact, many people actually over-water their lawns without realizing it.

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How to Throw a Block Party in 5 Easy Steps

By Signe Todd

A neighborhood block party is an excellent way to enjoy a warm summer day, socialize with your neighbors and meet new people who live on your street.  When I lived in the Irvington neighborhood, my neighbor Dana Griggs taught me the nuts and bolts for planning a successful block party in 5 easy steps.

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Curbside Composting Made Easy

Most Portland residents can add food scraps, along with yard debris, to their green Portland Composts! roll carts. This means that residents can turn meat, dairy, bones, vegetables and grains into nutrient-rich compost for fertilizing yards and gardens.

As you get used to scraping plates into your kitchen pail and tossing leftovers into your green roll cart, here are a few tips to make the transition easy.

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24th Annual Fix-It Fair

The City of Portland’s 24th annual Fix-It Fair season will kick off November 20th. Fix-It Fairs are free events where you can learn simple and effective ways to save money at home this winter and stay healthy. The events feature exhibits from numerous community partners and an extensive schedule of workshops held throughout the day. Experts will be available to talk with you about water and energy savings, home and personal health, food and nutrition, community resources, recycling and yard care, lead testing, bike tune-ups and more!

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