Stanton Street shooting update (2)

Portland Police Officer Pete Helzer told the Eliot Neighborhood Association meeting on June 11 that a shooting a day earlier in Eliot stemmed from a graduation party that included underage drinking.

The party included an estimated 100 young people. A fight outside was followed by gunshots and one superficial wound. Partygoers also fought with police.

Police found about 25 shells and bullet fragments from a variety of guns.

The party was at 65 N.E. Stanton, which is used by Friends of the Children but owned and operated by Youth Resources. The event was private, not a Friends of Children event. Staff said the party was not associated with the organization in any way.

Youth Resources rental policies prohibit alcohol and are supposed to start winding up at 10 p.m. with closure at 11 p.m. These policies were violated.

Neighbors were concerned about lack of security or adult supervision, underage drinking, violence, noise and litter. Not all neighbors had the same concerns: some feel that there is a certain amount of activity and noise that is inherent in city living.

People agreed that further discussion is warranted. Youth Resources management and Friends of Children staff want to participate in any future discussions.

Steve Chaney, Operations manager for the building, said that if anyone has concerns about events or incidents at this site, please call him, anytime, at 503-310-1401.