The Portland Fruit Tree Project

There is a lot of fruit growing on trees in Portland, but every year, thousands of pounds of this delicious organic food ends up in a sticky mess in yards and on sidewalks.

The Portland Fruit Tree Project organizes people in Portland to gather fruit before it falls, and make it available to those who need it most. The project registers fruit trees around the city, coordinates harvesting parties and offer workshops in pruning and fruit preservation.

Do you have a fruit tree to register? The project will coordinate volunteers to come and help with the harvest in exchange for a share of the fruit.

If you don’t have a fruit tree, sign up for a harvest party. The parties take place on Saturdays in August and September.

There are also workshops on winter pruning and summer canning.

The project also needs volunteer fruit tree scouts to help identify fruit that isn’t being harvested.

Contact Katy Kolker at: