General Membership Meeting Minutes 2007-10-08

Eliot Neighborhood Association General Membership meeting notes
October 8, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Pauline Bradford at approximately 7:05 PM.

Attendees introduced themselves.
Jennifer (Vice Chair) had to leave but asked that lines of communication be improved among board members and she felt a need for stronger leadership.  At the same time she offered to step down from her position as vice chair given her time commitments, if someone would like to fill the position.

The agenda was approved – friend’s of trees was added to the agenda.

2007 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Jim Hlava with Cascadia invited the neighborhood to provide design input for their housing behind current their offices.  They are in the early planning stages with sketches from architect and still need to determine height, parking vs bldg. footprint, etc.  They hope to start thus year.  Probably 30 to 40 apartments.  This will provide permanent housing and tenants will be subject to landlord / tenant rules and expectations. The existing clinic/office building will remain as is and be used for housing operations.  If interested in volunteering contact Jim at or 503-998-3406.
The GNA only covered existing facility, not this new housing.  Laurie Simpson, Clint Lundmark and Jenifer Wilson were interested.

John Englehart mentioned concern regarding the abundance of crows and lack of song birds.  It was mentioned that this is a general trend across the country and certainly throughout Portland.  Many have filed complaints with county health dept (crows carry the west nile virus) and Lee suggested contacting the Audibon Society –John will do the latter and ask for recommendations (such as hanging small birdfeeders) –he will report back to the ENA.

Kirsten Jenkins announced the following:
Ben Kaiser’s Bridgeport station pulled up stakes and will probably try again in+/- 3 years.
The wonder bread site is still moving forward.  The paint removal was done in order to salvage the concrete when the building is demolished.
The Black and White building on MLK has a new pizza place that she believes just opened.
A swanky new wine bar opened on corner of Graham and Stanton.

Lee announced that Morning Star Baptist  Church wanted a larger footprint than the old church but the city is requiring a conditional use permit (they have a right to build what was there –but nothing larger).

Clint announced that the ENA website needs content providers –currently he is the only person who posts information.  He posts new items approx. twice a week.

Pauline announced the Immaculate Heart fundraiser next Saturday.  She will give Clint the  info to post on the website.

Aurora Lora, former principal of Harriet Tubman Middle School announced the closure of the middle school last year and opening of the Hariet Tubman Leadership Academy for Young Women for 6 to 9th grade.  She will send info to Clint to post.  Lottery system to get in but this year accepted all who applied.   Very different than the middle school.

Kirk announced that the dermotology clinic opened at knott and Rodney (the old funeral home).  Beautifully restored exterior but had to remove many of the interior finishes to upgrade to medical standards.

Committee Reports
Land Use:  No meeting not sure if Mike will step down –will work that out next meeting.

Community Policing:
Officer Helzer not in attendance.
2 night ago, 2 cars broken into at fargo, near Irving park –a lot of theft has been occurring when valuables left in car.
City did not renew exclusion zone for Eliot.  The basis for not renewing is in a report by John Campbell.

Howie reported that Toro Bravo was broken into at 116 N. Russell last Thursday and 6 weeks ago.  Also broke into back area of wonder ballroom –new scissor gates have been effective.

Clint said he reported, to the office of neighborhood involvement, 120 cases of graffiti since June 2007.  He recommended photographing it and reporting it as soon as you see it and cleaning it promptly.  The police caught several people over the last several months.

Celebrating community accomplishments:
Lee announced spirit of Portland awards through the officer of neighborhood involvement –oct 26 is deadline to nominate someone.  Can be a group or individual.

The following people have been voted in as new board members:
Julia Peters (replacing Suyberisky as V.O.A. representative).
Joan Ivan
Aurora Lora
John Englehart
Jennifer and Ryan Wilson as co-board members

Board members who were present to remain as board members, if over the 20 person max for board members, those who have missed over 3 consecutive meetings will be removed.

Election of officers will be held at next meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted to the ENO by Laurie Simpson
October 18, 2007