One of the Hottest Neighborhoods in 2017!

2017 Hotest Neighborhoods

Redfin predicts Eliot as the 5th Hottest Neighborhood in the Country for 2017!

Redfin, the next-generation real estate brokerage, has announced its annual list of neighborhoods across the country it predicts will be the hottest this year. To rank the neighborhoods that are heating up the most, the brokerage analyzed hundreds of millions of pageviews to and homes that users saved to their favorites to monitor for price and status changes. The analysis also takes into account insights from local Redfin real estate agents who specialize in the local neighborhoods.

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Air Pollution Report from NECN

Diesel Particulate Map
Diesel Particulate Map

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) has put together an Air Toxics Report.  Please follow the link below for the North/Northeast Portland’s Air Pollution Report. You will find a map and narrative with facts about industrial facilities and diesel truck pollution. Learn what we can do to improve air quality!

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Adopt a Block Neighbors

The Adopt-A-Block initiative is gaining some traction, adding new folks slowly but surely. Below is a list of your neighbors who are interested in making Eliot a safer and more pleasant environment in which to live. Let me know if you are interested in keeping your block free of litter and the storm drains flowing and I’ll add your name to the list which will be published periodically.

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Portland’s Jazz Scene Yesterday and Today

Williams at Russell 1937
Paul’s Paradise, was around the corner at 19 N Russell Street—now a grass lot. Photo courtesy of Portland City Archives

In the early 1940s, Floyd Standifer could be found playing his trumpet to the hills. He would listen as the sound came echoing back. This was the way, in the farmlands outside of Gresham, he worked on perfecting his tone. However, he also learned a lot from Williams Avenue in Portland.

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First Heart Valve Procedure in Oregon

On June 13, 2016, James Kyser, M.D., of the Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon, became the first and only pediatric cardiologist in the state to provide the Edwards SAPIEN XT transcatheter heart valve procedure for pulmonic valve replacement to pediatric patients. This procedure took place just two months after the FDA approval.

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Livability Team Adopt a Block

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

Hi Eliot Neighbors!  My name is Lauren Mullen and I’m a member of the Eliot Livability Team.

Our neighborhood has linked with SOLVE to sponsor Neighborhood Litter Pick-Up events during the year. The last litter pickup was in October. We would like to build on that spirit of good stewardship by starting an Adopt-a-Block initiative. We want it to be simple and informal. Let me know if you are interested in keeping your block free of litter and the storm drains flowing and I’ll add your name to the list which will be published periodically.

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Get Involved

Patricia Montgomery
Patricia Montgomery

As I look back on this past year I am so pleased that I took the opportunity to become involved with Eliot Neighborhood Association. The new neighbors I met, new businesses, civic leaders, local businesses all in our ever-changing neighborhood. Thirty years living in this neighborhood I always felt change meant being left behind sometimes. You know that feeling that your taxes would force you out, or your new neighbors would be unruly to you- that word they call gentrification. So untrue I found. I realized, you only get left behind or are blind to change if you don’t become part of what is going on. Eliot Neighborhood Association is a good start to becoming involved in your neighborhood, not only does it keep you informed and up to date with what is going on in our neighborhood but allows you to become part of the change.

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Streetcar Milestone – 50 Million

Dan Bowe
Dan Bower celebrates the milestone with riders

The Portland Streetcar announced in August that than 50 million passengers have ridden the Portland Streetcar since it opened 15 years ago. A critical piece of the city’s infrastructure, Portland Streetcar serves over 15,000 riders daily and has contributed to robust economic development in the neighborhoods it serves.

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Coordinating Healthier Lives for Kids in Foster Care

As a child in foster care, especially one with previous or current health issues, each day can be a constant struggle.

Tara, age 5, knew that struggle for years. Diagnosed with asthma at the small age of 2 and experiencing homelessness for most of her years, Tara didn’t begin receiving health care until she was placed in the foster care system. Shortly after her placement, her foster mom noticed she had difficulty breathing. Taking swift action, she scheduled an appointment at Randall Children’s Clinic-Emanuel paving the way for a coordinated effort with her care. “This is not the kind of start a child needs to have a healthy life,” said Holly Hermes, a social worker and care coordinator. “Once Tara came to the clinic and started receiving the care she needed, she made great strides in her development,” says Hermes. “She got her asthma under control. This little girl now has a better chance at a healthy life.”

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Wellspring School

Wellspring School
Wellspring School

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts has been providing comprehensive training in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Movement Arts, and Wholistic Nutrition since 1995. Our goal is to build healthy communities through whole mind/body education – empowering every individual to realize their full physical, mental, and spiritual potential!

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NE 7th Avenue Greenway Update

7th9thgreenwayAn update from Bicycle Transportation Alliance regarding the 7th/9th Greenway project…

A bicycle and pedestrian bridge across I-84 could provide the continuous north-south route that inner Portland needs. NE 7th Avenue would provide a safe route north from the highway and NE/SE 9th Avenue would provide a safe, low-traffic route to the south. We predict that this corridor — connecting the Lloyd District, a burgeoning inner eastside industrial district, neighborhoods like Powell and Brooklyn, and recently built streetcar and light-rail stations — would quickly become one of Portland’s most heavily used and important neighborhood greenways.

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