Emanuel Hospital Expansion

Emanuel Hospital has announced plans to expand its children’s wing and add a large new parking structure.  The expansion follows that of other area hospitals and will allow the hospital to eliminate shared rooms and a small increase in the number of beds.  The new wing will occupy a surface parking lot.

Eliot and the City implemented a campus planning process with the hospital years ago.  Under terms of this agreement construction on the campus is designed to go up rather than out into the neighborhood.  This proposal is consistent with that plan.  The new building will, however, be the tallest on the campus when complete (7 stories are proposed).

The lost parking will be replaced and additional parking provided in a new structure located were Morris runs into the eastern edge of the campus.  The structure will be 3 stories to start with the ability to expand to 6.  At present it is expected to look very like the last parking structure built 2 blocks further south on Vancouver.  Construction of the parking facility will precede the hospital wing beginning later this year or early next.