Board Meeting Minutes 2008-02-11

(Minutes taken by Julia Peters)


7:03pm    Meeting called to order by Gary Hampton, chair.

Board Members present:  Brian Fugate, Pauline Bradford, Chris Yeargers (co), Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Jim Hlava, Clint Lundmark, Jennifer Wilson (co), Howie Bierbaum, Naomi Sacks.

Neighbors and presenters:  Officer Pete Helzer, Lacey Bitten, Joyce Boles, Lori Shumway, Lee Perlman, Norman Haugen, Barbara Shaw, Inger McDaugh,

Minutes:  Chris Yeargers motioned to approve, seconded by Julia Peters.  Unanimously approved.

1.Announcements were passed around and voiced below:

a.2/12 at 5:30pm:  Meeting at Boise Eliot School about becoming an International Baccalaureate school.
b.Volunteers of America Men’s Residential Center is offering three $1,000 scholarships to Portland-area graduating seniors.  If you’d like more info, please talk to Julia Peters.\
c.Friends of Trees will be planting 280 trees in 6 neighborhoods (27 in Eliot) this Saturday, 2/16.
d.Need to review Good Neighbor Agreement with Cascadia.  TABLED UNTIL NEXT MEETING.
e.Hotel Pensione (formerly San Rafael Hotel) is much-improved over last summer, though there are still problems such as lighting and mold.
f.The Ford dealership on Broadway is now becoming a Toyota dealership.
g.Cleo’s applied for Heritage status.
h.OHSU might close the Russell St. Dental clinic.  The Board agrees that this is an invaluable resource and voices support to keep it open.  Pauline motions for a letter of support to be sent, Chris Y. seconds, Jennifer Wilson will write the letter.

2.Community Policing with Officer Pete Helzer

a.Average of 1.3 incidents for the month of January, mostly nuisance crimes (car prowls, tagging).
b.12/21/07 there was a shooting at Fremont and Rodney.  Not much is known.
c.Catalytic converters were stolen from police cars at the Albina lot.
d.A mentally ill woman is offensive and follows folks around the areas of Fremont from Williams to MLK and the park.  She has wild hair and lots of lipstick and has been banned from Chevron.  If you have uncomfortable contact, please call Project Respond or the police.  Jim Hlava will try to determine if she is a Cascadia client.
e.Pauline’s church (Immaculate Heart) was vandalized on 2/6.  Fire extinguishers were discharged and Haz Mat had to come in for waste clean-up and removal.
f.Contact if you have questions.  He’s now on Auto Theft detail, but can track down answers to your questions.

3.Wonder Bread Bakery Site

a.The building is down.  The Thrift Store’s lease is up at the end of March.
b.Construction start date is unknown.  They will apartments, not condos, with underground parking.  Price range is unknown—the developers are asking for feedback.

4.Missionary Star Baptist Church:  A fundraiser was held recently.  Not much news, but financials are not looking good.

5.The Grant Warehouse site (between Ivy and Cook on MLK) had environmental contamination but is now cleaned up.  On 3/11, they will begin accepting proposals for what to do with the site.  Baseline:  must be residential, between 24-48 units, one full acre, zoned for 3 stores.  Expected construction in fall.

6.2008 Neighborhood Clean-Up

a.Tentative date:  5/17/08.  Prices will remain the same as last year
b.Chris will look into having Free Geeks and Les Schwab co-sponsor with us so we can take electronics and tires, maybe barter ads in the neighborhood newspaper for getting rid of those items.
c.Anyone willing to drive or lend out their pick-up trucks for the day, talk to Chris.

7.Dawson Park

a.Meeting this week, 2/13, about five summer concerts there.
b.Fencing has gone up around the gazebo.
c.Neighborhood Celebration after completion?  Maybe have bands, refreshments, free helmets for kids, etc.

8.Committee Business

a.Pauline moved to accept the following motions, Julia seconded, and there was unanimous approval:

1.4th Monday:  Citywide Land Use Committee.  Jennifer Wilson elected as Eliot’s rep.
2.NECN:  Jennifer Wilson will serve as Eliot rep with Pauline.
3.NECN:  Naomi Sacks will serve as Pauline’s back-up, but will not have voting rights.


a.Executive Director Joseph Santos-Lyons was fired.
b.Public Safety Advisory Committee needs members.

10.Tabled until next meeting:

a.Revisit the Cascadia Good Neighbor Agreement
b.ENDA by-laws

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:43pm, seconded by Naomi Sacks.  Unanimous approval.