Dawson Park Master Plan

George Lozovoy from Portland Parks and Recreation presented the Dawson Park Master Plan in April at the Spring General Membership Meeting.

The master plan gives future planners a guide for updating the park.  The plan is not a guarantee of implementation but instead a direction depending on funding.

At the last summer concert in Dawson park in 2007, Portland Park and Recreation sought input into the design of the plan.  The focus of the community input in was prioritizing projects. As funding becomes available the money will be applied to higher priority projects.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Improve play area – Increase security and safety along with updating play structure.
  • Add children’s splash pad – Install pad with in-ground jets and water recovery system.
  • Improve gazebo – Restore historic gazebo and make improvements so it can be used as a performance space.
  • Improve east side formal park entry – Restore entry to park along Williams avenue and add historical interpretive signs.
  • New site furnishings, repairs and updates. – Improve game tables, lights, sidewalks, planting strips, etc.

The gazebo renovation is underway now and should be finished in May or June.

Dawson Park Master Plan