Tony Green Orchestra at Waypost

On an unusually cold Friday in April we were deciding what do do with our Friday night.  We had already narrowed it down to two choices – go to Waypost and see the Tony Green Orchestra perform or go to McMenamins Kennedy School and see the movie Juno.  We decided to go to see Tony Green and it was a great choice.

Waypost is a cool, funky and hip coffee shop.  They serve coffee as well as beer and wine along with typical coffee shop food – muffins, cookies, bagels, etc – and simple lunch and dinner selections. Waypost frequently has live music, performances, readings and lectures.

When we walked in the door, there was a group sitting in the front area.  It felt like we were interrupting something so we backed out unsure what was going on.  After standing out in the cold for a few minutes we decided it was OK to interrupt.  We walked past the poetry reading group then sat down at the bar.

If you have read other Eliot Guide Blogs, you can probably predict what we ordered.  Yes…my wife ordered wine and I order a beer.  The beer I had was good, unfortunately, I don’t recall the name.  It was an IPA inspired porter that seemed to combine the best of both styles.

Shortly after we arrived the star, and only Tony Green Orchestra band member that night – Tony Green – moved to the front of the room and started playing.  At first I had to admit it was just background coffee shop musician noise.  However it did not take long to realize the songs tell a fascinating, fun and entertaining story.

As I was listening to the lyrics I couldn’t help but think they are kind of like the story telling lyrics of the Presidents of the United States of America.  Ya know the type – fun, clever sometimes nonsensical lyrics that you want to listen to.

Most of Tony Green’s songs center around a theme of criminal behavior.  For example “Roger’s Camera Bag” tells the story of how Roger tries to find out who stole his camera bag based on the discovery of an ice cream cone at the crime scene.  Another song talks of prison life implying the worst thing you can be is a “Punk’s Punk”, and to prevent it no matter the cost!

Most of the songs are loosely based on actual events or interesting news.  Some are just fun like “Santa’s Little Helper” the story of a guy helping a female Santa Clause.  The song’s title is inspired by the dog’s name on The Simpsons. All of the songs are geared more toward an adult audience.

Listening to Tony Green was fabulous.  I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Incidentally we went to Kennedy School to see Juno on Saturday.  It was a great movie!  Waypost is located at 3120 N Williams Avenue . Watch their website or on-site chalkboard for Tony Green then go see him…you’ll have a great time!