Fall Plastic Recycling Roundup

In October you can recycle all that plastic that is not recyclable in your new blue roll cart.   The Master Recycling Program is holding the Plastic Recycling Roundup on October 4th at Kaiser Permanente in North Portland.

Bring these items rinsed and sorted into following categories:

  • Plastic bags (dry cleaning, store sacks, cereal liners, bubble wrap, Mylar, six pack rings, tortilla chip bags, freezer bags, zip lock bags, etc.)
  • Plant containers 4″ or smaller (recycle larger ones in your blue cart)
  • Separate plastic with recycling number by number.
  • Plastics without a number. (bottle caps, lids, DVD’s, CDs, CD cases, straws, vinyl, lawn/patio furniture, play structures, pet igloos, laundry baskets, kiddy pools & more)
  • Reusable plastic items.

Do not bring:

  • Styrofoam
  • Biodegradable plastic
  • VHS or Cassette tapes
  • PVC pipe
  • Small Toys
  • Food contaminated or dirty plastic
  • Plastics that contained motor oil, herbicides or pesticides

Recycle these in your blue cart (not at the roundup):

  • 6 oz or larger bottles
  • 4″ or larger plant containers
  • 6oz or larger margarine type containers
  • Buckets

The North Portland Plastic Roundup will be held October 4th from 9 am to 2 pm at Kaiser Permanente, 3325 N Interstate.  For more information visit the Plastic Recycling Round web page.