Board Meeting Minutes 2008-08-11

Submitted by Naomi Sacks

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting- August 11, 2008 in Dawson Park

Bd members present: Joan Ivan, Gary Hampton, Matt Gilley, Marie D’Hulst, Kirsten Johnson, Howie Bierbaum, Carol Kennedy, Clint Lundmark, Naomi Sacks, Brian Fugate, Pauline Bradford, Mike Warwick.

Others: Norm Haugen, Joe Marks, Terri Cromwell, John Engleheart, Lee Pearlman, Vickie Walker, Lavelle ? (see sign in sheet)


-Immaculate Heart Yard Sale- 9-4pm 8/23/08 with BBQ 11:30-3:00pm
-Howie is leaving Wonder Ballroom, going abroad.
-New store-Little Eddie’s 5 & Dime- for used supplies is open
-Belly Restaurant-corner MLK & Fremont opened.
-Remax Realty moved into new office, open house will be end of Sept. 237 B’way.

Minutes- from July. Gary made motion to approve. Kirsten seconded. Unanimously approved 7:20pm

Community Policing- Budget cuts. Officer may only come to meetings for up to 1 hr. unless during normal work hours. Police trying to reduce overtime. Gary to request Pete to email reports to ENA. Joan- van in front of her house is gone. Mike- 2 bikes stolen from his block, one from his backyard. Norm- someone broke into Sparky’s Pizza. Pauline- since B’way Toyota is gone, there’s campers in the green strop. Police may need to intervene. Lee & Gary to follow up.

Land Use- no quorum at their meeting. Preliminary application at Toyota for signs. MLK apt plan is being revised, still considering how to use space. Morningstar Baptist- needs new permits to rebuild as plans are too different from old church. Will need design review and money for larger footprint. PDC- open house held for re-design for Rose Quarter, no one attended from Eliot. # 6 Bus- Tri-Met is asking about changes to bus route which would also cut frequency of service, all related to street car plan. Would save Tri-Met $ 400,000, cut svc on # 6 and cut fareless square. # 6 would go to convention center. Streetcar meeting in a few weeks. Gary will attend and also ask Tri-Met to come to October ENA meeting.

Newspaper- No Summer issue published, Tony will try for fall. Deadline is 8/15 for fall issue. With paid advertisers, we must get the paper out on schedule. Gary will follow up with Tony.

Policies- First meeting to be set up, volunteers watned. Brian agreed, also check with Pauline. Naomi to follow up.

Fall Meeting- PCC requesting to come to Fall meeting. Gary will check with them. Gary is looking to retire as chair or at least have a vice chair.

New Business- Joe- traffic problems on Tillamook, posted “No trucks” but they do anyhow. People speed despite bike route. Would like speed bumps or controls. Discussion: speed bumps are expensive and must be paid by neighborhood. PDC transportation meeting is a good forum to bring this up. Gary to contact Joe about next meeting. If route is designated as a bike route, cannot have speed bumps.

Motion to adjourn- Marie, Pauline seconded. Unanimous vote. 8:15pm