Board Meeting Minutes 2009-01-12

Meeting Minutes 1/12/09

7:04 pm Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair.

Board Members present: Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Gary Hampton, Pauline Bradford, Eric Aronson, Penelope Miller, Nathan Miller, Chris Yeagers, Jim Hlava, Caroline Collier, Kirsten Jenkins

Neighbors and presenters: Tamille Lundmark, Lee Perlman, Danielle Cogan

Presentation: Columbia River Crossing

  1. This will be a replacement toll bridge on I-5 over the Columbia River. Currently, 135,000 cars drive over the bridge every day. 70% get on and off between Mill Plain and Jantzen Beach. 300 accidents occur every year and there are no safety shoulders. The environmental footprint will not get much bigger or smaller. There will be a bike and pedestrian facility between 6-14’ (currently, it’s 6’ wide), a MAX line, and bus lanes. Funding will come from the federal government and from tolling.
  2. The real question now is how many lanes the bridge should have—8, 10, or 12. There will be 6 thru-lanes (3 in each direction). The question is how many add/drop lanes to have. Danielle accepted feedback forms from those present.

Minutes: November and December minutes were read aloud and approved unanimously by the board. They are and will continue to be posted on the website. Please read them in advance so they can be corrected and voted on at the next meeting. Pauline requests that they be faxed to her as she doesn’t have a computer.

Committee Reports and Representatives:

– Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal District—Gary, meets quarterly
– MLK Jr. Blvd Advisory Committee—Gary, meets quarterly
– Interstate Urban Renewal—Pauline and Gary, meets quarterly
– Dawson Park Concerts—Gary (and Serena from Emanuel), 4 concerts this year; maybe movies…can we create a banner to go over Vancouver and Williams advertising them?
– Interstate Parks Sub-Committee—Gary and Eric, meets quarterly
– Portland Streetcar—Gary, meets 3rd Wed. of every month from 2-3:30pm at Lloyd Center Tower
– NECN—Pauline and Naomi, meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month
– NECN Land Use Committee—Laurie Simpson
– Russell St. Improvements—Gary, meets quarterly
– MLK Heritage Markers—Pauline, meets ?
– Spring Clean-Up—Chris Y., occurs in May
– Friends of Trees—Clint, planting on 2/14
– Eliot Welcome Committee—Kirsten, Naomi and Gary, meet 3x/year
– Newsletter—Tony Green (now finished) and Kirsten, delivered 4x/year
– Website—Clint
– Vancouver/Williams Pedestrian Improvements—Gary and Pauline, meets ?
– Bylaw Sub-Committee—Clint, Naomi, and Brian Fugate
– ENDA Land Use Committee—Mike Warwick, meets 3rd Mon of each month at 6:30pm

Clint encourages the Board to go visit meetings and see if you’d like to represent ENDA.

Web Page Updates:
Clint redesigned the website ( It doesn’t need patching or maintenance. Clint asks if Board members would like an address that the public could e-mail us with (such as Please let him know. Chris Y agrees to be the back-up IT guy.

Idea Brainstorming:

  1. Meetings: keep present location, they will never last more than 2 hours.
  2. Events: Do we want to have a street fair? Neighborhood Garage Sale? Revitalize Williams? Should we devote an entire meeting to goal-setting?
  3. Communication: please contact Clint if you have an agenda item.

Round Table:
This will be the place to voice any announcements or topics that were not covered in the meeting.

  1. Chinook Books are still for sale supporting a scholarship for Portland high school students. Cost is $20. Please let Julia know if you’d like one.
  2. Garlington Center is behind on re-building. It should be completed in another 4 months.
  3. Joan voices a desire to see more people at ENDA meetings.

Adjournment: Clint brought the meeting to a close, with unanimous approval, at 8:54pm.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, ENDA Recorder, 2/3/09.