Valentine’s Day Tree Planting

There are 13 more trees in Eliot Neighborhood thanks to the Friends of Trees planting on Saturday February 14. Eliot Neighborhood received a Valentine’s Day gift of trees along with Boise, King, Humbolt, Peidmont and Sabin neighborhoods.

On Oregon’s 150th birthday tree buyers from the planting neighborhoods along with volunteers from all over the city worked together to plant the trees. Between the six neighborhoods around 200 trees were planted!

Eliot Neighbors Planting with Friends of Trees
Eliot Neighbors Planting with Friends of Trees

Because of all the volunteers and donating business, Eliot and the surrounding neighborhoods are better places to live. Thanks to Eliot businesses Goldrush Coffee Bar, Widmer Brothers Brewery and Pizza A Go Go for donating coffee, beer and pizza for thirsty and hungry volunteers.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eliot and Happy Birthday Oregon!