Board Meeting Minutes 2009-02-09

Meeting Minutes 2/9/09

7:04 pm Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present: Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Pauline Bradford, Nathan Miller, Chris Yeagers, Jim Hlava, Brian Fugate, Julie Woelfer, Naomi Sacks, Laurie Simpson

Neighbors and presenters: Tamille Lundmark, Amy Baker, Lee Perlman, Ofc. Amanda McMillan, Joyce Boles, John Engleheart, Dahria Ramsay

Review and Approve Minutes
The minutes from 8/11/08 were approved with corrections. Minutes from 1/12/09 were read aloud and approved with corrections.

Graffiti Task Force
Marcia Dennis was not able to attend the meeting to make a presentation. A graffiti clean-up is scheduled for 3/14; volunteers will be needed. Jen Jako will be in charge. Clint mentions a desire to have a neighborhood graffiti sub-committee to note where there is tagging and send it in so it is noted and cleaned up.

Portland Police Neighborhood Response Team
Officer Amanda McMillan will be our new liaison with the police bureau, as Ofc. Pete Helzer will be leaving for a year-long tour in Iraq. Her contact information is and 503-823-5795. She will attend ENDA board meetings every other month.
♦Please report: drug houses, dealers, graffiti, noise, gangs, Block Watch, vacant houses…(Note: They are working on 131 NE Tillamook, a bank-owned property inhabited by squatters.)
♦N and NE precincts will be merging due to financial reasons. We can expect the same response to 911 calls, but less follow-up.
♦A concern was raised about a sex worker who lives at St. Vincent de Paul servicing men at Dawson Park.
♦Another concern was raised about a group of men wearing red in Dawson Park. What should be done to report it and prevent more gang violence?
♦Ofc McMillan says to be persistent with non-emergency calls, record the date and time that the calls were made, and let her know. When you have contact with an officer, ALWAYS get a business card and ask “Are you going to write a report?” and “Can I get the case number?”
♦FYI: police reports are public record.
♦Crime has been on the rise, especially property crimes. McMillan will bring condensed crime reports to the meetings.
♦A motion was made by Nathan and seconded by Brian to have an officer at every meeting. Motion passes with one opposition.

♦Tony Green has resigned, after approximately 10 years, as the ENDA newsletter editor.
♦The newsletter editor (NE) coordinates layout (possibly being done by Peter Donnelly), advertising (obtained by Tony and billed by Susan), content (a lot of help is needed here), printing (Oregon Lithography), and delivery (coordinated by ?, much of it is delivered by VOA).
♦Joyce volunteers for the role of NE. The by-laws say it needs to be a board member.
♦In 2007 and 2008, only 3 issues came out, though it’s supposed to be a quarterly newsletter. We’re looking at only producing 3 at maximum in 2009.
♦Clint/Tony will let advertisers know that there will not be a winter issue.
♦Why do we have a neighborhood newsletter? To communicate with our neighbors, announce the general membership meetings, ONI gives us $1,000/year to put out a newsletter, and it makes money for ENDA.
♦A motion was made by Julia and seconded by Jim to form a Newsletter Advisory Committee, composed of Joyce, Joan, and Julie W. This passed with uanimous approval. They will help with and make sure the next issue is produced. Naomi will contact NECN to see what other neighborhoods are doing.

Spring Clean-Up
♦Chris Y reports that Metro is no longer providing free drop-off of boxes. Each box will cost approximately $200. We may get $600 from NECN, enough for 3 drop boxes, which would make for a very short clean-up.
♦The question was raised: what is the clean-up for? Three and two years ago, there was a $900 profit. Last year it dropped to $450. Those were when drop boxes were free. This year, we’re looking at not making a profit and maybe not even breaking even. It is meant as a service to the community as well as a money-maker.
♦A tentative date is set for May 16, 2009.
♦Chris will provide more information at the March ENDA meeting.

Committee and Representative Reports
Bylaw Review: Clint and Naomi have made some recommendations. Brian and Jim agree to review them. The goal is to have a new draft ready for the April general membership meeting.
Dawson Park Renovation: Dawson Park has been selected to receive funds for renovation. Yay!
Friends of Trees: Planting is scheduled for this Saturday, 2/14/09. Volunteers are still needed, as are food donations. 200 trees will be planted, 15 in Eliot.
Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area: They are working on their budget. The next meeting will be 2/18 at the Commissioner’s Office.
MLK Gateway Committee: Will meet 2/17 from 5:30-7pm.
NECN: They are in the process of planning a Sunday Farmer’s Market of local vendors at the park just north of 7th and Prescott. They are waiting on zoning, but hope to have it up and running by spring!!!! They also have a Student Leadership Initiative and lots of upcoming workshops.

Goals for the Year
♦Spring Clean-up

Round Table
♦Julie W. will be selling organic veggie starts in May, with proceeds going to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.
♦VOA will soon have an AED on-site. If there is an emergency in the neighborhood, feel free to use our AED.
♦Concern is raised about the medical marijuana house at Williams and Tillamook.
♦Clint has a conflict with next month’s meeting. He’ll see if Gary can chair it or if it can be rescheduled.
♦Joyce informs the board of her past involvement in Eliot and her skills in newsletter production.

Adjournment: Clint called the meeting to a close at 8:55pm.