Eliot Says No To Street Rename

The City of Portland is currently evaluating options for renaming Broadway, Grand Ave or NE 39th after civil rights leader Cesar E Chavez.   At the April 13th Eliot Neighborhood Association Spring General Membership meeting a motion was brought to the floor to oppose renaming a street after Cezar E Chavez.

The motion carried nearly unanimously. The neighborhood opposes renaming any street after Cezar E Chavez and instead recommends naming something else such as a park, bridge, or community garden.

For more information on the rename and to see a calendar of upcoming meetings, visit the Cesar E. Chavez Street Renaming Process website.

6 thoughts on “Eliot Says No To Street Rename

  1. Mr. Lundmark, You will have to forgive my spotty memory, but I don’t recall, in the e-mail sent to our address, any indication that a vote would be taken on the question of naming a street after Cesar Chavez. Or that the results of that tally would be put forth as the official position of my neighborhood. Please forgive me, if I missed something along the way. That doesn’t change the fact that our neighborhood association meetings, are under attended, or not at all. I am certainly guilty, by my absence. If you want to speak on behalf of the neighborhood association, that is your business. However, to say Eliot Neighborhood is opposed to renaming any street, now or at any time in the future, is presumptuous, to say the least! If you feel compelled to make that statement, then some thorough manner of polling the residents of our neighborhood is in order!

  2. Mr Byrd,
    I appreciate your math. I have no doubt that since you have lived in this neighborhood for 14 years you are aware of the Eliot Neighborhood Association. The meetings are once a month on the second Monday. The April meeting was a General Membership meeting where anyone in the neighborhood who attended was able to vote. According to the attendance records you were not there. Using digital technology, a notice was posted on this web site for the meeting as well as email sent to all subscribers of the Eliot Neighborhood Email List.

  3. Dear Mr. Lundmark, Let me see if I can do the math. Twenty-two opposed and two in favor, and by the way, bravo to those two. I believe that adds up to twenty-four people. That does not appear to be an adequate number to speak for an entire neighborhood. And by the way, since when did business interests, well met, make a better society, or neighborhood, for that matter?! The next time you want to speak out publicly on my behalf, in this slick digital era we’re living in, I would appreciate an e-mail inquiry, seeking my opinion!!!! Thank you. Grey Byrd

  4. The Eliot Neighborhood Association voted 22 – 2 against a rename which appears to be in line with the rest of the city. Surveys from residents and businesses along the affected streets responded around 85 – 90% average in opposition. Other neighborhood associations that have taken a position are opposed to it. Business associations along the districts are also apposed to it. A street rename is not something residents, business and the people of Portland think is the right thing to do.

  5. This is Grey Byrd with one more comment. I want it to be perfectly clear. I have been a home owner, living in the Eliot Neighborhood for nearly fourteen years. This opposition by my neighborhood association does not reflect my values or position on this proposal. I think renaming 39th Avenue, Cesar Chavez Blvd., would be a splendid way of honoring this great American, and I am proud to say it!

  6. I must tell you how horrified I am at our neighborhood associations’ response to renaming a street after Cesar Chavez!!!!!!! Shame on you!!! The whole friken lot of you!
    The only thing that occurs to me is how unmitigated and incorrigible is your ignorance and your racism!!!! Pah!!!

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