Board Meeting Minutes 2009-05-11

Meeting Minutes 5/11/09

7:04pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present:  Clint Lundmark, Kirsten Jenkins, Joan Ivan, Chris Yeagers, Pauline Bradford, Julie Woelfer, Gary Hampton, Naomi Sacks, Julia Peters

Neighbors and presenters:  Tamille Lundmark, Lee Perlman, Ofc. Zach Edner, Angela Kramer, Collin Sanders(Directory of Security Operations – Portland Trailblazers), Justin Zeulner (Director of Property Management – Portland Trailblazers and President – Lloyd District Community Association)

Review and Approve Minutes:  The minutes from 3/9/09 were approved as read.

Portland Police Bureau:  Ofc. Zach Edner was present.  He said that N, NE and a part of the SE precint will be merging on July 1.  Also, expect more gang violence in the summer months.

Board vacancies:  We will be going back to our by-laws, which say that board members are automatically off the board if they miss more than 3 consecutive meetings.  Clint contacted Matt Gilley and Vicki Walker due to absences, and they resigned from the board.  A suggestion was raised that after 2 consecutive absences, the missing board member is contacted and reminded to attend the next meeting or they will be removed.  Pauline motioned to bring Angela Kramer onto the board.  This was seconded by Chris and passed unanimously.  Welcome, Angela!

Rose Quarter Development and GNA
The South Eliot neighbors would like to start a more in-depth process with the city  and form an Eliot Rose Quarter Envisioning Committee in addition to beginning work on the Good Neighbor Agreement.
♦Gary reminded the group that a Good Neighbor Agreement is NOT a binding agreement and cannot be upheld in a court of law.
♦Justin Zeulner and Collin Sanders, from the Lloyd District Community Association, would like to get together with other neighborhood leaders to talk about issues that affect all of our neighborhoods.  Justin, a representative of the Blazers, also updated us on RQ plans:  the RQ is no longer seriously being looked at for the baseball stadium; the revision plans for the RQ include an “entertainment district” that includes a theater, open air venue, retail, a boutique hotel, and a Nike interactive museum.  The question now is whether to reuse the Memorial Coliseum or keep it.  The land along the river could be a site for future residential development, though the Union Pacific line and the grain elevators are obstacles.
♦Angela made a motion to form an Eliot Rose Quarter envisioning committee to respond to RQ development.  This was seconded by Pauline, who made an amendment “to include people who live adjacent to the area.”  Questions arose about the purpose of the group and what its relationship will be to the sub-committee that forms to work on the GNA.  Gary made a motion to table this topic until there is more information.  The motion to table this was passed with 6 in favor and 1 opposed.
♦Direct people to the website for comments and information about RQ development.

Committee and Representative Reports
Bylaw Review: 
A motion was made by Naomi and seconded by Joan to change the abbreviation of the Eliot Neighborhood Association from ENDA to ENA.  (It used to be called the Eliot Neighborhood Development Association, but lost the “Development” years ago.)  This passed with 4 in favor and 0 opposed.  A suggestion was made to send out the bylaws with the proposed changes to the board in order to look them over before voting.  Naomi will bring these to the next meeting, with “bigger items” to go on the agenda at future meetings.
Dawson Park Concerts:  Three concerts are lined up for the summer, with Ocean’s 5-12 on July 15, MAC on July 22, and ? on July 30.  All concerts are from 6pm-dark.  There will be a VIP tent at each concert with beer, wine and food.  Volunteers are needed for set up, serving, and take down.  Gary will ask Serena  about the possibility of having ice cream and a bike helmet give-a-way, to attract families.  There will not be a banner over Vancouver/Williams and we’ll be sticking to having concerts this year (no movies in the park).
Land Use Committee will meet Monday, May 18 at 6:30pm at Emanuel MOB West.
NECN:  There is a new farmer’s market at the King School Park Sundays from 10am-2pm.  Come out and support it!  Vendors have been selling out, which is a great sign and encouragement for more vendors to join this market.  NECN is asking for $350 from each neighborhood association for the Food Chair Fund Northeast.  This program would allow people with food stamps to buy extra produce at no cost to them.  A motion was made by Naomi and seconded by Kirsten to donate $350 to the Food Chair Fund NE.  Concerns were raised about how much of the $7200 in our accounts is dedicated as well as the need to hold onto our assets in these economic times.  An amendment was made by Pauline and seconded by Angela to give $200 to this fund.  This passed with unanimous support.
Spring Clean-Up:  The clean-up will be this Saturday, 5/16 from 9am-1pm at the parking lot at Graham and Williams.  Volunteers are needed and welcome.

Mid-Year Goals:  Tabled for lack of time.

Adjournment:  Julia made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Naomi.  Meeting adjourned at 9:04pm.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, Recorder.