Board Meeting Minutes 2009-06-08

Meeting Minutes 6/8/09

7:07pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present: Eric Aronson, Pauline Bradford, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Laurie Simpson, Julie Woelfer
Neighbors & Presenters: Jonathan Beaver,Irene Bowers,Melinda Graham, Lauren McCartney, Ofc. Miguel Olmos, Justin Zeulner, Lee Perlman, John Ingleheart, Tamille Lundmark

Review & Approve Minutes:
 The minutes of the 5/11/09 meeting were approved as read.

Portland Police Bureau:
 Officer Miguel Olmos of the Neighborhood Response Team addressed the issue of response time for the newly-expanded precinct.

MLK Gateway & Heritage Marker Project:
Jonathan Beaver and Melinda Graham of Studio updated the group  on the concept plan phase of the NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Gateway project with 3 site plans each featuring gathering space, seating, trees and landscaping and traffic buffers, plus some opportunities for exhibits. Previous public comment called for creating a memorable gateway to the neighborhood, in addition to providing a space that could be used to introduce themes significant to the area’s history and diversity.
Irene Bowers, PDC Senior Project Manager , Urban Development Department, emphasized that the Heritage Markers Project was still in the formative and comment-gathering stage and urged input from the neighborhood. An open house was held on May 28 presenting the three concepts and to receive feedback from the community.  Also included in the project are a series of embedded heritage markers honoring local people and events who have helped shape the unique North/Northeast neighborhoods.    Should anyone have historical information they wish to share please contact Irene Bowers at PDC or 503 823.2419.
Discussion ranged from safety and crime issues at the gateway site, to cultural and educational aspects of the history emphasis.

 Discussion of production of the now-tardy Eliot News concluded with the observation that Tony wants to pass the reins. Susan Bailey had indicated willingness in previous discussions to serve as distribution/delivery coordinator.  The larger issue of financial responsibility of the manager’s role, plus the challenge of generating content
were among the topics that Angela and Julie agreed to address at some time.

Committee & Representative Reports:
Spring Clean-Up:  Eric reported a $300-$400 profit.
Dawson Park Concerts: Lee reported that, according to Gary, Linda Hornbuckle would be the July 30 performer. Lee volunteered to distribute flyers announcing the series.
Land Use Committee: Angela and Mike Warwick attended the meeting addressing the streetcar master plan.  Other issues for long-term solutions included the Rose Quarter off ramps and the funding problems, 2nd & Broadway, cut-through, NECN bridge and air quality concerns.  Laurie indicated interest in becoming the Eliot representative  for the monthly meetings.
Russell Street Improvement: While construction continues, sidewalk access to shops is limited.  The Phase I to I-5, adopted in 2003, includes sidewalks, sewers, lighting and walking without impeding truck traffic.
NE Coalition of Neighborhoods: Pauline updated the meeting about the new Farmers Market, dogs, and the discount card grant program that is slated to return $22K for neighborhood projects.
Bylaw Review: Naomi absent, no report.
Rose Quarter GNA: Angela gave a detailed presentation about the impact of the baseball stadium decision-making process.  The benefits and problems facing the array of stakeholders, the education process, the prioritization of issues, and negotiating were all outlined.  Clint suggested involving Resolutions Northwest in the kickoff meeting.
Round Table
Laurie stated support for the Rose Quarter GNA efforts.
Julie announced an additional plant sale following the 3-day event just held.
Jim anticipated an August 1 move in date for the rehab Cascadia building, in addition to a draft of the Good Neighbor Agreement.
Eric pointed out that the exchange and negotiation with Legacy regarding amenities for construction should still be an on-going concern for Eliot.
Clint asked for consideration of 1) Ban the Bag to eliminate plastic bag use and 2) Project Hope’s invitation to hold the next Eliot board meeting at the Russell Street address.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.
Respectfully noted by Joan Ivan.