Spanish and Cultural Education Center Opens

Spanish class tought by Manuel Resendiz

Tierra Educational Center, a locally owned Spanish and Latin American Cultural Center, has opened in Eliot Neighborhood to help bridge the communication and cultural gap between the growing Hispanic population and the community at large. The center offers quality and affordable Spanish classes for all levels, as well as special courses in topics specific to Latin American Culture and History. Tierra also hosts a free Spanish Conversation Club every Friday from 6-8pm, with guided discussion, guest speakers, and film screenings pertaining to Latin American issues.

“People of Hispanic descent account for 7% (an estimated 38,684 people) of the population in Portland, and these numbers continue to rise.” According to Rebecca Pillsbury, Administrative and Outreach Director.¬† “It is becoming increasingly imperative that professional service fields are staffed with bilingual employees, and that the community develops a greater level of awareness pertaining to Latin American issues.”

Tierra is located at 2915 MLK. More information on Tierra Educational Center and its programs can be found at