Board Meeting Minutes 2009-07-13

Meeting Minutes 7/13/09

7:05pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present:  Clint Lundmark, Kirsten Jenkins, Joan Ivan, Pauline Bradford, Julie Woelfer, Gary Hampton, Julia Peters, Laurie Simpson

Neighbors and presenters:  Tamille Lundmark, Lee Perlman, Ofc. Amanda McMillan, Angela Goldsmith, Lauren McCartney, Ramon Corona, La Shanda Hurst

Review and Approve Minutes:  The minutes from 6/8/09 were read and corrected and will be voted on in August.

Portland Police Bureau: 
♦La Shanda Hurst introduced herself as the new Crime Prevention Coordinator for Eliot.  August 4 is National Night Out.  There is a NNO kick-off event on July 28 from 5-6:30pm at the Lloyd Center Applebee’s with police and fire officials present.  Her responsibilities include livability issues, how to log criminal activity, form block watches and foot patrols and safety activities.  She can also come with crime statistic reports when Ofc. McMillan can’t come.
♦Ofc. Amanda McMillan reported the usual car prowls and petty thefts in Eliot for May and June.  Activity at Dawson Park has been heating up; Gary requests a police presence on the next 3 Wednesdays before the Dawson Park concerts.  On July 26, Joan reported an altercation in front of her home.  McMillan reminds us to get the names, date and time recorded and request police contact.  Follow up with her if there are problems.  Gary brings up the concern of tagging in Lower Albina.  McMillan reported that some districts don’t have night officers.  File graffiti reports on-line, but also file a police report if there is tagging on your personal property.

Parking in Eliot
Ramon Corona, Parking Control Manager, made a presentation about the parking permit program.  An agreement could be made that would address night-time events and keep the Rose Quarter crowd out.  Residents who park on the street would get permits ($45/year).  Visitors could get visitor permits ($1/day).  This arrangement would require a neighborhood parking committee made up of two residents, two business owners, and a fifth person chosen by the other four.  This group would set up the parking rules for the neighborhood.  Ramon was invited to the meeting by Justin Zeulner of the Trail Blazers/Rose Quarter to address the parking problem.

On-street Bike Parking:  Angela Goldsmith came to ask for support of on-street bike parking on N. Williams around the Waypost/Little Edie’s/Fargo Forest/Pizza A Go Go area.  Due to not having a quorum, a vote was not taken.

VOA Block Party:  VOA will be having its annual block party on Tuesday, August 18th from 4:30-7pm on Sacramento St at MLK.  Free food, music, and a bounce house will add to the fun for all ages.  Come on over, if you’re able!

Ban the Bag Proposal:  The SurfriderFoundation would like the City of Portland to ban plastic bag use at stores to encourage using reusable bags and cut down on waste.  Comments were heard on both sides of the issue, but a vote will be tabled until August.

Committee and Representative Reports
Bylaw Review: 
Naomi absent, no report.
Dawson Park Concerts will occur the next 3 Wednesdays (July 15, 22, and 29) at Dawson Park beginning at 6:30pm.  If you’d like to volunteer, contact Gary.  Clint bought advertising materials with a $500 donation from the Blazers so there were inserts in the neighborhood newsletter, flyers, and yard signs.  If you’re willing to put up a yard sign, talk to Clint.
Land Use Committee :  no report.
Interstate Parks Sub-committee:  no report.
NECN:  The Board is not meeting during the summer.  Lauren took feedback about Good in the Hood.  Wednesday at NECNthere is an organizers and leaders meeting.  The US Census will be there and you can get t-shirts for with your group’s logo and the US Census logo.  Sylvia Evans is in charge of Operation Outreach, which happens the last Saturday of the month.  This is a way to have volunteers to get ENA’s materials out to our neighbors.  Lauren would like someone to come to the Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting on July 22 to talk about the Rose Quarter GNA.  Angela Kremer was suggested.  NECN is also offering a year-in-review and action planning support to neighborhood boards as well as a board training on October 1st.
Newsletter:  It got out!  There were some mistakes and some people didn’t get papers, but it’s a good start.
Portland Streetcar:  They have funding and will start on August 1st in Lower Albina.  The streetcar will come across the Broadway Bridge, go down Weidler to 7th, down 7th to Oregon to the Convention Center and OMSI.  On the way back up it’ll come on Grand to Broadway.
Rose Quarter GNA:  no report.

Round Table
♦Julia:  NE Portland Roadways this Sunday from 9am-4pm.  Visit the VOA booth at NE 19th and Ainsworth and enjoy this car-less route!
♦Julie would like ENA to address the vacant Wonder Bread Factory lot–it’s a nuisance and eyesore to the community.
♦Joan attended the Climate Action Plan on June 26 at Dishman.  She’d like to bring up the issue of light pollution.
♦Kirsten:  The Wonder Bread factory is for sale and Billy Reeds will soon be Growing Seeds Day Care.
♦Pauline invites everyone to her church (Immaculate Heart) on Tues., July 14 at 7pm for a lecture on Eliot and Portland’s African-American History.  Cost is $10.
♦Clint wants to know if we should have an August meeting and is taking input.  Also, Penelope and Nathan Miller may be resigning from the Board–Clint will verify.

Public Comment
♦Lee:  Broadway Sidewalk Sale this Saturday.  Also, Alem has opened his new All of Africa restaurant at 102 NE Russell.  Check it out!
♦Lauren brings up the topic of information dissemination and how to make sure everyone is included.
♦Angela invites us to the Fargo Forest Garden opening celebration on July 18 from 6:30-9:30pm.

Adjournment:  Clint adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, Recorder.