Eliot Neighborhood Tree Planting

fottreeIn partnership with Friends of Trees, Eliot Neighborhood is planning a tree planting project for Saturday February 13th! Join us to help plant trees and create a healthier community!

Did you know that a typical tree removes 10 pounds of pollutants each year? Two average sized trees can supply a person’s oxygen needs. Trees can reduce heating and cooling costs by 15 – 30%! Houses on tree-lined streets sell for up to 20% more. Neighborhoods with more trees tend to be safer with less crime. Trees also help intercept and retain 760 gallons of rainwater each year, keeping our rivers clean. By planting trees we can make our neighborhood and city a much better place to live.

Neighbors can purchase trees for just $29.99. The deadline to sign up is December 21st. Trees will be planted on February 13th. The cost of the tree includes the planting permit, hole digging, planting by trained volunteers, stakes, mulch, ties, labels, information on proper care, and follow-up monitoring. All participants are asked to help plant trees on planting day or volunteer in some other capacity.

Visit http://www.friendsoftrees.org and click on the “Order Street and Yard Trees” button to sign up. Follow the instructions to setup your on-line account. After you sign up, Friends of Trees will schedule a site inspection by Urban Forestry to ensure you get the right tree for the planting location. Once the inspection is complete you can log back in to select your trees.

For more information visit www.friendsoftrees.org, send email to trees@eliotneighborhood.org or contact Clint at 503-552-8678.

One thought on “Eliot Neighborhood Tree Planting

  1. Dear Clint,

    I just wanted to thank you for getting the word out to your readers about Friends of Trees. What a great post and information outlet for your community you have here. Some day soon I hope to find resources like this for all of Portland’s neighborhoods.

    We’ve recently started a new blog over at http://www.FriendsofTrees.org/blog. We hope to establish an online presence and cover FOT events and plantings.

    Hopefully I’ll see you this planting season, and do let me know if I provide any more information from our end.

    Thanks again,

    Toshio Suzuki
    IT Coordinator
    503-282-8846 ext. 16


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