Board Meeting Minutes 2009-09-14

Meeting Minutes 9/14/09

7:05pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present: Pauline Bradford, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Clint Lundmark, Laurie Simpson, Julie Woelfer, Julia Peters, Kirsten Jenkins, Chris Yeagers, Naomi Sacks
Neighbors & Presenters: Justin Zeulner, Lee Perlman, Tamille Lundmark, Amy Baker, Ted Buehler, Ofc. Amanda McMillan

 Review & Approve Minutes:  The June meeting minutes were accepted.  The July meeting minutes were approved as read.

Portland Police Bureau: Officer Amanda McMillan of the Neighborhood Response Team addressed the concerns about prostitution and drug-dealing in Dawson Park.  The Dept. hopes to do missions there, but they need more manpower.  Chris is looking forward to the fenced splash pad and playground for children.  Chris moves that ENA write a letter to OLCC to restrict or remove the alcohol charter at the Cathay Market (across from Dawson Park at the corner of Williams and Stanton) as that seems to be a source of a lot of the substance use in the park.    The motion passed unanimously; Chris will draft the letter.  There are enhanced penalties for dealing within 1000 feet of a school (this can be posted).  Someone will look into the preschool and Friends of the Children to see if these count as “schools.”  A suggestion was raised that ENA have it as a goal to take back the park:  “if a better influence doesn’t use the park, it’s not going to change.”

On Street Bike Rack: At the July meeting, Angela  Goldsmith came to ask ENA’s support for on-street bike parking near Little Edie’s and the Waypost.  This would take out one car lot space and put in space for multiple bikes to park.  Laurie moves that we write a letter of approval and support; Kirsten offers a second.  The motion passes unanimously.

2010 Neighborhood Small Grants Program:  The deadline for applying for a small grant through the city is November 2nd.  Clint asks if there is support and energy for writing a grant.  Laurie wrote a grant for Boise/Eliot School last year and would be willing to resubmit it; her grant is to have neighborhood students interview elders for a sort of “Eliot Voices.”  Kirsten made a motion for Laurie to enter the Eliot Voices grant; Pauline seconds.  Other ideas were offered as well, such as for money for the concert series, the neighborhood clean-up, and a community bike shop.  (A community bike shop would be a place staffed by volunteers one or two days/week where people could come in and work on their own bikes and get help from the volunteers if needed.)  Julia offers an amendment that Laurie submit her grant and also allow other grants to be written.  This passes unanimously.

Fall General Membership Meeting:  The October meeting is a general membership meeting and elections are held.  ENA bylaws say we meet the 3rd week of October, but our meetings are usually the 2nd Monday of October.  Julia moves to have the meeting on Oct. 12; this passes unanimously.  Possible topics for discussion include the street car, Dawson Park, inviting a City Council member, having a calendar with our events for the upcoming year, and doing a year-in-review to highlight our successes.  Lee offered that it’d be nice to get a variety of food donated from neighborhood restaurants (like Cully and Beaumont-Wilshire do).  Kirsten offered to get pizza.  Location will be the Medical Office Building West, as usual.

Committee & Representative Reports:
Dawson Park Concerts: The concerts were well-attended.  Thanks for the good publicity, Trailblazers and Clint!  A recommendation is made to invite a neighborhood band, Tezeta, next year.  They play a fun mix of 60s, Ethiopian and jazz.
Land Use Committee: Next meeting 9/21 at 6:30pm, MOB West.  They will review the Cascadia GNA, talk about the Emanuel Children’s Hospital expansion, and Rose Quarter development.  A request was made to post the LUC minutes.
NE Coalition of Neighborhoods: The King Farmer’s Market has been extended into October.  It has been interesting to see neighbors preferences and that vendors are pulling out and coming in according to neighbors taste–more fruits and veggies, less prepared goods.  In other news, the Board Chairperson resigned and the TriMet Rider Advocates program was cut.
Bylaw Review: On hold
Rose Quarter GNA: Mayor Adams  has started a Stakeholders Advisory Committee, of which Clint is part.  They will meet 9/15/09 from 5-7pm and meet bi-weekly for the next 18 months to ensure a long, inclusive, public process.  In other news, the old Ramada is being remodeled.  It has 177 rooms that will be for transition/work force housing, owned and operated by Central City Concern.
Newsletter:  Eliot News will be delivered the first week of October.  Clint is now doing the layout and ads.  He still has 3/4 page to fill and doesn’t have the ads yet, but it’s easier than he thought it would be, and fun.  Susan Bailey will coordinate delivery.  The winter issue should come out the first week of January.

2010 Census:  Buena Price presented on the  2010 Census, which will be taken starting April 1, 2010.  She stressed the importance of getting an accurate count to ensure WIC funds and funding for schools.  Pauline also pointed out that the census information determines how many representatives the state gets to send to DC for the House of Representatives.  Also, jobs will be available starting in November.  Discussion ensued about what it would mean to “partner” with the Census Bureau.  Clint agrees to put something on the website and the January edition of Eliot News.  Acting as a conduit of information for the neighborhood, whether or not one agrees with the information, a vote was taken to be a Census partner.  Seven voted in favor, with one abstention.

 Round Table
♦Laurie asks to put an ad in Eliot News saying “Come to Dawson Park!”
♦Clint informed the Board that there is no fee for street closure permits.
♦Kirsten recently visited Project Hope on Russell.  They have beautiful things to buy at a discounted price and the money goes to support their non-profit helping students get education and a job.  If you have a neighbor in financial need, send them to Project Hope:  they may be able to get items for free.

Public Comment:  New neighbor Ted Buehler would like to be on the Columbia River Crossing Pedestrian and Bike Advisory Committee.  He is encouraged to come to the October meeting and join the board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm.

Respectfully noted by Julia Peters.