Board Meeting Minutes 2009-11-09

Meeting Minutes 11/9/09

7:02pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present: Pauline Bradford, Joan Ivan, Clint Lundmark, Laurie Simpson, Julie Woelfer, Julia Peters, Kirsten Jenkins, Chris Yeagers, Angela Kremer
Neighbors & Presenters: Justin Zeulner, Lee Perlman, Tamille Lundmark, Ofc. Amanda McMillan, Miranda Stern, Jessica Mullice, Owen, Sheri Miller-Regan, Lydia Corran, J. Isaac, Jackie Johnson
Review & Approve Minutes:  The September meeting minutes were accepted as read. 
Portland Police Bureau: Officer Amanda McMillan of the Neighborhood Response Team addressed the continuing concerns about Dawson Park.  When you see suspicious behavior, call the police non-emergency line and ask for phone contact with an officer.  Also, look for trends:  is there a certain car that doesn’t belong to your neighbors that comes frequently?  Log it.  The police know a lot more activity is going on than is being reported–please call in!  Also, contact Amanda with questions and concerns.  Years ago, there had been a bench at the bus stop, but it had been removed.  Now it’s magically reappeared!  Action step:  call Tri-Met, try to get it removed.  Larcenies doubled in October; Amanda suspects it’s just a random abnormality and not a trend.  Amanda informed us that there was an underage decoy mission at Cathay Market, and the owners wouldn’t sell.  We hope the owners can make it to the meeting in December or January.
Jumptown:  J. Isaac and Justin Zeulner presented the Blazers plan to redevelop the Rose Quarter.  The hope to have microbreweries, coffee and food shops there and be bike-friendly.  Nike wants to have an interactive museum that would be an international attraction and tell the story of their company.  The goal is to make the Rose Quarter “Portland’s Rec Room.”    It would also be the center of the jazz and blues scene, as it was decades ago.  They also want to be green:  The RQ will soon be LEED-certified.  They buy green energy, compost, and recycle more than any other arena.  Other items of note:  still have a space to honor veterans, make it accessible, have a covered plaza.  The way they see of creating space for these new business ventures is to reduce the bowl capacity of the Memorial Coliseum from 10,000 down to 7,000 and keep it enlivened on non-event nights.  Currently the RQ has events on 150 days/year and the MC hosts events 154 days/year.  Concerns raised to Justin were parked cars blocking driveways and handicapped ramps.  Check out these websites to stay up-to-date on the RQ development: and
Ride Connection Neighborhood Outreach:  Lydia Corran presented information on a local non-profit, Ride Connection, that provides door-to-door transportation services to elders (60+) and those with disabilities free of charge in the tri-county area.  They run from 8am-5pm, Mon.-Fri. and have many partner organizations, including the American Red Cross and Metropolitan Family Services.    Vehicles are available on the weekends for non-profits (insurance is covered by the volunteer driver’s policy).  They can be supported by financial donations or by getting trained to be a volunteer driver.  Check them out at
Committee and Representative Reports
♦  The website gets about 27 hits/day with peaks of 100-150/day when announcements go out.
♦Friends of Trees:  The deadline to order a tree is in December; volunteers are needed for the planting on 2/13/10.
♦Land Use Committee:  The Utility Plant looks nice, but didn’t meet neighborhood requirements, so it has been mitigated with plantings on Kerby and Russell.  The tower has also increased from 150 to 175 feet; the committee voted on this and found it to be acceptable.  Correction:  There was no vote taken about the tower.  The LUC will review the Cascadia GNA and make recommendations to the board.
♦NECN LUC:  There are grants available from the National Trust to areas that aren’t in urban renewal areas.  Four areas in Portland will be chosen to revitalize, using a Main Street approach.  There is also a Portland Plan meeting on 11/17/09 at Beaumont MS.
♦NECN:  Lots of small grants were received.  NECN elected a new president.  The farmer’s market was a huge success.
♦Neighborhood Small Grant:  Laurie submitted a grant on “Eliot Voices,” partnering with students to record the history of our part of the city and give neighborhood tours.  Good luck!
♦Newsletter:  Clint still needs more content–the deadline for entry is the first week of December.  It will come out the first week of January.
♦Rose Quarter GNA:  The group met to discuss existing conditions and vision what they hope for and brainstormed how to educate folks who come to Blazer events.  The idea of speed bumps/traffic light/roundabout was mentioned.  Angela would like this to be an inclusive process throughout Eliot and not just a group of residents in the southern end of the neighborhood.
♦Rose Quarter SAC:  The group will meet 11/10 from 6-7:30pm at NW 5th and Davis.  They recently toured the Memorial Coliseum.  Design concepts are currently being accepted and they can be very basic, so send in any ideas you might have!
♦Welcome Committee:  Kirsten will solicit more donations to make welcome bags for new residents in Eliot.
Officer Elections
Chris Y made a motion, seconded by Julie W, to re-elect the current board officers.  Tamille offered to take on the role of treasurer, though she’d need to be elected to the board.  Kirsten made a motion, seconded by Laurie, to elect Tamille to the board, which was accepted unanimously, and to take on the role of treasurer, which was passed unanimously.  Results of the elections are as follows:
Chair–Clint Lundmark
Vice-Chair–___________ (vacant)
Recorder–Julia Peters
Treasurer–Tamille Lundmark
Newsletter Editor–Angela Kremer
Board Round Table
Angela makes a request to have more of an involvement process with the whole neighborhood be added to the agenda.
♦Julia (VOA) is selling Entertainment Books and Chinook Books for $20 to raise money for the Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship Fund.  They make great holiday presents!  Please let Julia know if you’d like to buy one at 503-802-0299 and she’ll deliver it to your door.
♦Joan would like to pursue national register status for parts of the neighborhood.
Public Comment
Lee reminds us that the December meeting is typically a more casual potluck meeting.  Angela agrees to host the December 14th meeting at 6:30pm at her house, 1907 NE Rodney.  If your last name begins with the letter A-L, please bring a main dish.  If your last name begins with the letter M-Z, please bring a dessert.  See you at Angela’s next month!
The meeting adjourned at 9:14pm.
Respectfully noted by Julia Peters.