New Graham Street Lofts Neighbors

Graham Street Lofts

Have you noticed the relatively new pumpkin orange building on the corner of MLK Jr. and Graham St?  It’s the one I use to describe to my friends how to get to my house.  You can’t miss it!  It’s called Graham Street Lofts. It was built to create superior housing using revolutionary European construction designed to be comfortable and energy efficient.  The ground floor of the 4-story building contains mixed-use units which have recently been filled.

SJ Harmon Photography was one of the first units to be occupied.  They specialize in photography with a personal narrative approach wrapped in a fun fine art package.  They are available for weddings, events, and portrait sessions.  They also sell a variety of products including photo albums, canvas wrap prints, thank-you cards, and proof books.

Great Magnet Recording Concerns has its post production mixing studio at Graham Street Lofts although their actual recording studio is located at 2827 NE Alberta St.  Rob Weston, owner, has been in the business for 10 years.

Happy Hamster, Portland Computer Repair provides in shop and on-site computer and laptop repair service for the greater Portland area.  Their mantra is to follow 3 simple rules:  Always say yes, act transparently, and constantly innovate.

River Organics, handmade Toiletries and Holistic Services occupies the south corner unit.  They sell natural, handmade skin and body products as well as provide services including Massage Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Organic Facials, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Health Care and Chinese Medicine.

When deciding to write an article about our new Graham Street Lofts neighbors, I thought I should try out one of the businesses to see first hand what they offer.  I had no need at the time for a photography session, I’m not musically inclined, and my husband works in Information Technology already maintaining our home computer.  Thus, I thought the best use of my time would be visiting River Organics for some pampering.  Lucky me!

I wondered into the spa on a Saturday morning and met the owner, Michele Blair who told me a bit about her background and showed me the array of health and beauty products she sells to individuals as well as other area spa’s.  I was treated to the magnificent array of smells from the variety of lotions, bath salts, face masks, massage oils, and creams on display.  Originally from London, Ms. Blair owned a holistic spa in Ohio for the past 8 years.  Her collection of aromatherapy products were sold to wholesalers throughout the U.S., many of which were located in the Northwest.  This eventually brought Ms.Blair to Portland where she opened River Organics.  Her skin and body care products are hand-made and use high quality natural and organic ingredients, mostly obtained from small local farms and suppliers.

The décor in River Organics is simple but elegant and has the calming effect you would imagine at a spa.  There are two small private rooms for clients to enjoy the variety of holistic services.  I chose to have a mini facial and set my appointment for the next weekend.

Facials are such a nice treat.  After filling out a short medical history form with questions on current products I use and any facial concerns I had, all while sipping tea, I headed into a private room.  With calming music playing, Ms. Blair asked me to take off my shoes and lay on my back on the massage table.  She then worked her magic for the next 20 minutes.  I was treated to various soothing aromas while my face was massaged, exfoliated, covered in steam towels, and basically pampered.  A full body massage is lovely but a facial massage is simply amazing.

Along with full facials, River Organics offers mini facials for those who either don’t want to spend as much, take as much time, or who come in-between their regular facials.  I personally recommend a mini if you’ve never had one done and just want to try it out.  Ms. Blair performs the same services in a mini but condenses the time.

After my fabulous facial, Ms. Blair recommended a skin care regiment based on my skin type.  She’s a proponent of using minimal products allowing your skin to breathe.  I left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and my face felt smooth and rejuvenated.  I’ve already put River Organics gift certificates on my wish list to my husband and hope to be returning soon to try out other services they offer.

River Organics is located in the Graham Street Lofts building at 2805 NE MLK Jr Blvd.  They are open most days and by appointment.