Board Meeting Minutes 2010-01-11

Meeting Minutes 1/11/10

7:04pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present:  Clint Lundmark, Julia Peters, Kirsten Jenkins, , Tamille Lundmark, Angela Kremer, Laurie Simpson
Neighbors & Presenters:  Lee Perlman, Ofc. Amanda McMillan, Alex Johnson, Kiel Johnson, Justin Zeulner, Debbie Bischoff, Drew Meisel, Tim Donovan, Garrett Stephenson

Review & Approve Minutes:  The December meeting minutes were corrected and will be approved at the next meeting, when we have a quorum present.

Portland Police Neighborhood Response Team:  Please contact Ofc. Amanda McMillan if you have concerns or questions.  She brought Dawson Park crime statistics for the board.  She gave feedback about setting crime reduction percentages for the park:  one bad event could skew the statistics for the whole year.  She recommends instead planning lots of positive activities for the park and setting the tone that way.

Portland Plan:  Debbie Bischoff from the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability reported on the Portland Plan, a kind of “road map” to direct the city for the next 30 years.  One hasn’t been done since 1980 (30 years ago), and 50% of the population is new since then.  The City is in the first year of a three-year planning process that is trying to bring together information from Vision PDX (that happened while Mayor Potter was in office), citywide surveys, and workshops.  Workshops will be held in April and May for each of the nine focus areas.  Check out their website at   The next stage will be drafting the plan, and that should happen this summer.

Portland Main Street Program:  Garrett Stephenson from the Portland Development Commission presented on the Main Street program which is kicking off this Thursday, January 14.  This program will offer grants, training and technical components to help areas of the city not included in Urban Renewal Areas (centered around older business districts) to be revitalized.  This program will help with organization, promotion, design and recruitment.  Nationally, there is a $25 return for each $1 invested.  PDC is “buying” this program and is looking to implement four projects for 2010.  These business districts should be between 5-15 blocks long, develop broad-based coalitions that include both the private and public sector, and raise a minimum of $30,000 in pledges.  Application trainings will be held February 2 and 3.

Goal-setting:  Skipped, due to lack of a quorum.

Committee and Representative Reports
*Friends of Trees–The deadline to order a tree is February 1st and the planting will be February 13.
*Interstate URA and Oregon Convention Center URA–The lines defining these areas are being redrawn.  The positive side to being in an urban renewal area is that grants are available.  The concern is that there is a high risk of losing historic, single-family homes.
*Land Use Committee–Concerns have been raised about the noise level associated with the streetcar and the possiblity of jumptown at the Memorial Coliseum/Rose Quarter Arena.
*NECN–Skipped.  No representative present.
*Newsletter–The newsletter is being delivered this week.  Ads are starting to taper off.  Let Clint know if you’re able to help secure advertisements.
*Rose Quarter GNA–The group met and discussed the following ideas:  traffic and noise, safety, more trees, curb cuts and yellow paint, the streetcar, parking, and ODOT off-ramps.  Also, a Vision PDX concept plan will be unveiled on January 26 from 6-7pm at the MC.
*Cathay Market–The owners did not attend, but are very interested in decreasing crime in the neighborhood.  One thing they’d like to pursue is 15-minute parking in front of the store.  Laurie acts as the spokesperson/liaison.
*Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Committee–25-30 concepts have been accepted for the MC.  Clint clarifies that he is on the committee as a representative of Eliot.  If you have concerns or ideas, please talk to him.  You can also follow the news at
*Small Grant–It looks like the grant is a go, we’re just waiting final approval from NECN.  The grant is for $1500 for Boise/Eliot School students to do an oral history project with residents of Eliot.  Thanks for your hard work, Laurie!

Board Round Table:  None

Public Comment: 
Tim Donovan from Port City reports that they are cleaning up four lots on the south side of Tillamook, east of Williams.  Hundreds of tires, garbage, syringes and blackberry bushes are being removed.  They have no budget for this project.  However, they do have a CSA and sell eggs, if you’re interested in local produce and eggs.
*Justin Zeulner expresses concern about the expansion of I-5 and invites neighbors to discuss/problem-solve with him.
*Alex Johnson agrees to help Clint with the website.  Thanks so much, Alex!

Adjournment:  Clint adjourned the meeting at 9:05pm.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, Recorder.