Board Meeting Minutes 2010-03-08

Meeting Minutes 3/8/10

7:01pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present:  Clint Lundmark, Julia Peters, Tamille Lundmark, Angela Kremer, Pauline Bradford, Julie Woelfer, Joan Ivan, Naomi Sacks, Alex Johnson, Chris Yeargers
Neighbors & Presenters:  Jackie Sandquist-Wrangham, Mike Warwick, Justin Zeulner, Norm Haugen, Sue Glenn, Ofc. Amanda McMillan

Review & Approve Minutes:  The February meeting minutes were approved as read.

Portland Parks Priorities:    Sue Glenn reports that 95% of Portlanders use a park or rec facility at least one time per year.  PP&R trieds to have a park within a half-mile of every house and a community center within three miles of every house.  $500 million is needed to fix up the parks:  bathrooms, fields, create parks in neighborhoods that need them (Cully, Parklane), update play structures and playgrounds, create more community garden space (currently, there’s a 5 year waiting list), etc.    Should the Parks go for a bond?  It would be over 5-8 years and average $8/month based on the value of the home.  Sue passes around a survey to get feedback on which projects to prioritize.  Contact or 503-823-1605.

Solarize NE:  The deadline to sign up for this weatherization/solar energy project is April 15.  With all the discounts and rebates, a solar system could cost only 10% of its original price!  Over 600 families in NE have already signed up.

ENA Land Use Committee:  There are concerns with ODOT around 84/405 congestion.  The Central City URA will include all the way over to Williams.

VOA Screening Committee:  Julie Woelfer is nominated for, and accepts, a position on the VOA Screening Committee to screen potential clients at the Men’s Residential Center.  She will fill Carol Kennedy’s spot.

Portland Police:  There has been more activity at the Pensione at 109 NE San Rafael, including drug-dealing and prostitution.  Amanda recommends logging and documenting all suspicious activity.  Angela requests a citizen’s group meeting to learn how to log and report such things; Amanda agrees.  In April or May, Amanda will be out for three weeks.  For concerns during that time, please request the NRT officer on duty.

Rose Quarter Good Neighbor Agreement:  A group of about 10 has been meeting recently and is, among other things, looking at the parking permit program.  This GNA will be modeled on the Goose Hollow agreement.  Angela makes a motion for the ENA to appoint two Board members from the affected areas to establish and organize the GNA committee and lead a formal process with the City of Portland and Trailblazer representatives to develop a formal GNA.  Alex seconds the motion.  After discussion, Chris Y makes a motion, seconded by Julia, to not single out the Trailblazers but amend the motion to read “Portland Arena Management” instead of “Trailblazer representatives.”  This passes, 8-0.

Dawson Park Concert Planning:  Kiel and Tamille met with Judith.  Sponsor sheets have been sent out and they are now following up with businesses.  If you have connections and would like to follow-up with a certain business, please talk to Tamille.  Tamille makes a motion, seconded by Pauline, to donate $500 to the Dawson Park concerts.  This passes unanimously, 8-0.

Board Vacancies:  Eric Aronson has missed more than three consecutive meetings.  Seven vote in favor of removing from the board:  Eric is removed.

General Membership Meeting:  Pauline makes a motion, seconded by Tamille, to move the meeting to April 12th (not the third Monday in April as the bylaws say).  This passes, 8-0.  Possible agenda items include radon levels, Emanuel hospital, and allowing the three finalists in the Rose Quarter development to present their visions of the Memorial Coliseum/RQ area.  Pauline suggests buying food for everyone and having that be a draw for folks to attend.

Community Garden:  is happening!  Twelve people participated in a clean-up on 3/7.  The lot is across from 322 NE Morris.  As the owner won’t let the soil be tested, they will be putting in raised beds and getting donations of soil.  There will not be any water available on site this year.  Discussion of tax-deductible donations for the garden space is tabled until the April meeting, pending a legal status check by the treasurer.

Committees and Representatives:  Tabled.

Committee Reports
*Spring Clean-Up:  Saturday, May 1st in the parking lot on Graham between Williams and Vancouver.  Yard debris will NOT be allowed this year.  Also, monitors and TVs won’t be accepted.  Five dumpsters have been ordered.  Chris again takes the lead on this project.
*Friends of Trees:  They planted 18 trees in Eliot for a total of about 250 trees on February 13.
*Stakeholders Advisory Committee:  has narrowed the 96 proposals for the RQ/MC down to three.

Board Round Table
*Julia–VOA is offering $9,500 in scholarships to Portland-area graduating high school seniors.  The deadline is April 5.  They are still accepting donations of cans and bottles.
*Naomi–Attend the URA forum this Thursday; they’re very informative.  The Mississippi Street Fair will be on July 10th.
*Joan and Julie both encourage folks to attend the URA forum on Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm at the Elks Lodge.

Public Comment
*Cathay Market will work with ONI to not sell certain malt liquor beverages.

Adjournment:  Clint adjourned the meeting at 9:11pm.