Board Meeting Minutes 2010-05-10

Meeting Minutes 5/10/10

7:04pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present: Clint Lundmark, Julia Peters, Tamille Lundmark, Angela Kremer, Julie Woelfer, Joan Ivan, Alex Johnson, Jim Hlava
Neighbors & Presenters: Jackie Sandquist-Wrangham, Mike Warwick, Lauren McCartney, Lee Perlman, Angela Wagnon, Doug Cooper, Felton Howard Jr.

Review & Approve Minutes:  The March meeting minutes were approved as read.

PPB Neighborhood Response Team: Clint led a discussion about how strongly we feel about having an officer present at our meetings, knowing how tightly stretched the police department is.  Could crime reports be sent in without having an officer here?  Do we have Ofc. McMillan or another officer come only when we need specific help?  A few folks said it is very important to them to keep this connection to the police and have them at meetings as often as they can be.  Angela Wagnon, Eliot’s new ONI Crime Prevention Coordinator, mentioned that the NRT is stretched thin and those officers often fill in on patrol.  Angela Kremer agreed to contact McMillan.  The discussion is tabled until the June meeting.

Mercy Corps NW: Doug and Felton came to talk about their new Reentry Transition Center at 1818 NE MLK Jr (in the Well Planned Building).  This is a navigation service for folks re-entering the community after incarceration.  They are open from 8am-6pm.  Clients need to be on parole or probation and out of prison for less than two years.  They are partnered with eight organizations including Clean Slate and Better People and headed up by Mercy Corps as a one-stop location to meet all kinds of needs–housing, employment, etc.  Neighbors and board members expressed frustration with the lack of control over comes in or out and its proximity to a day care center.  The location was chosen for the space, low rent, and accessibility to transit.  Clint mentioned the need to start the process of a Good Neighbor Agreement.

The Cascadia GNA has been revised, shortened and passed on to all the board members.  A vote will be taken on it at the June meeting.

ENA Community Garden Committee: Angela makes a motion, seconded by Tamille, to form an ENA Garden Committee, headed by Jackie.  As Julia had withdrawn her former motion from the March meeting, this passes 7-0.  And good news–the Battery Exchange has offered use of their water spigot.  Thanks so much!

Committee and Representative Reports
*Convention Center and Interstate URA: On 5/19, you can give testimony about the CC URA.  The Rose Qtr has been removed from it.
*Dawson Park Concerts will be July 7 (Latin music), 14 (rock and roll), and 21 (jazz).
*Land Use Committee: Phase 2 of the Portland Plan is underway.  Check out and take the online survey.  (They’ve only received 2,000 surveys so far.)
*NECN: They are figuring out their roles at NECN and what all they do to promote civic engagement.  The King Farmer’s Market has been a great success, as well as the use of tokens by folks purchasing with food stamps.  They are looking to hire for three half-time Americorps positions.  There will be a Local Leaders Connect gathering on May 25.
*Oral History Project: Laurie will be tabling at City Hall on Earth Day about this project.
*Portland Streetcar: Does anyone want to attend these meetings?  The Broadway Bridge will be closed in July for two months.  Construction should be completed in spring of 2012.  A new bridge will be built down by OMSI.
*Rose Quarter GNA: The group will be meeting on May 13 at 6:30pm at Port City and they’ve narrowed their focus down to four big challenges:  traffic, litter, parking, and (pedestrian) safety.  They will have a draft and talk about safety on the corners and an update on the Rose Quarter.
*RQ Stakeholders Advisory Committee: The three RFPs might work together on one proposal.  Clint continues to keep us updated.
*Spring Clean-up: $450 came in and 3 out of 4 containers were filled.  Thanks to Chris and all who helped!
*Welcome Committee: Tabled (no one present).

Board Round Table
Angela is interested in having a history or inventory of social service agencies in Eliot.
*Julie W is having a veggie start sale this Saturday at 41 NE Morris.
*Julia reports that the VOA Men’s Residential Center awarded $20,500 in scholarships to local students!
*Joan asks about graffiti abatement in Sept/Oct.

Public Comment
*Angela Wagnon reports that the graffiti abatement program was saved in this year’s budget!

Adjournment: Clint adjourned the meeting at 9:02pm.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, Recorder.