Board Meeting Minutes 2010-06-14


Meeting Minutes 6/14/10

7:05 pm Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, followed by introductions.

Board Members present: Clint Lundmark, Pauline Bradford, Julie Woelfer, Joan Ivan, Jim Hlava, Alex Johnson, Tamille Lundmark, Kirsten Jenkins, Angela Kremer, Pamela Weatherspoon, and Laurie Simpson.

Neighbors and Presenters: Lee Perlman, Erica Tucker, Rosemary Cordello, Officer Amanda McMillan, Spencer Burton, and Paige Coleman.

Review and Approve Minutes: The May meeting minutes were approved as read.

African American Health Coalition: AAHC is holding its 8th Annual Health Walk on Saturday, August 21 at 8:30 a.m. In Dawson Park. More information at

Foodshare Fund NE: Rosemary Cordello requested a donation to Foodshare Fund NE, which helps people who receive SNAP (food stamps) spend more money at the King Farmers Market by matching the first ten dollars that they spend. Angela Kremer makes a motion, seconded by Alex Johnson, to donate $400 to Foodshare Fund NE. This motion passes unanimously.

Cascadia Good Neighbor Agreement: Pauline moves to sign Cascadia GNA. This motion passes unanimously.

Portland Police Neighborhood Response Team: Officer Amanda McMillan says that crime statistics for the last three months are normal and include car prowl, theft, and drinking in public. She says that there was a shooting at the end of April at the Chevron on Fremont. Officer McMillan says that she is pursuing the “chronic nuisance” process with the Pensione. She recommends reporting suspicious activity and developing rapport with police officers. She suspects that recent changes at the Pensione are partly related to contractual relationships between the Pensione and social service agencies, whereby people who use these social service agencies are dropped off at the Pensione once they’re “released.” Kirsten Jenkins recommends inviting the owner of the Pensione (Mr. Sanchez) to a Board meeting. Pauline mentions that she has seen a lot of graffiti in the neighborhood. Officer McMillan recommends reporting it.

Mercy Corps NW: Lee thinks that there are too many social service agencies in Eliot. Joan, Alex, and Laurie recommend writing a GNA as a first step. Jim says that the GNA process with Cascadia was hard at first but that the process had been worthwhile. Clint says that if we are to oppose, we should do it now, because it’s a pilot project. Julie recommends inviting them back to a meeting. Laurie volunteers to contact them.

Board Vacancies: Pamela Weatherspoon is nominated and elected as a board member. Alex Johnson is nominated and elected as Recorder. Alex will miss the July and August meetings. Pauline requests that Alex fax the meeting minutes to her.

NE Coalition of Neighborhoods Board Vacancies: Joan is nominated to fill empty spot and approved unanimously. Pauline holds other Eliot spot on the NECN Board.

Committee and Representative Reports:

  • Concerts in Dawson Park: The signs advertising the concert will be updated. Tamille requests that these signs be placed on parking strips. There will be concerts on July 7, 14, 21, and August 3. The August 3 concert will be the Emmanuel Hospital Children’s Festival.
  • Land Use Committee: Land Use Committee will meet at Emmanuel Hospital on June 21 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Newsletter: Clint is looking for content and hopes to publish in time for first Dawson Park concerts.
  • Oral History Project: Laurie says that they’ve been interviewing some interesting folks and will be partnering with Project Grow. They will also be setting up a website.
  • Rose Quarter GNA: Angela and Alex have completed a draft GNA with the Trailblazers/Rose Quarter. They’re discussing parking issues, pedestrian safety, and trash, among other things.
  • VoA Screening: Julie says that nothing has stood out.
  • NECN Meeting: Meeting tomorrow night. Good in the Neighborhood community event—a multicultural music and food festival and parade. Kick-off will be at the Kennedy School on June 21 at 6 p.m.

Board Round Table:

  • Gary’s wife died. Kirsten will send a card.
  • No objections to signing off on Oktoberfest street closure.

Public Comment:

  • Spencer Burton announces the Boise-Eliot outdoor markets. There will be two outdoor markets with food, produce, arts, crafts, and performances, starting July 17. For more information, contact Spencer Burton at 503-803-2699.

Respectfully submitted by Alex Johnson, Recorder.