Board Meeting Minutes 2010-07-12

Board members present:
Clint Lundmark
Tamille Lundmark
Kirsten Jenkins
Joan Ivan
Pauline Bradford
Jim Hlava
Laurie Simpson
Pamela Weatherspoon
Julie Woelfer

Neighbors and Presenters:
Lee Perlman
Anne Pressentin (CRC)
Johnny Engleheart
Kristin Yates (MRC)
Roxy Anderson (Portland Pensione)
Alan Sanchez (Portland Pensione)
Carley Traynes (Red Cross)
Patty Tillotson (Red Cross)

7:06 – Introductions

7:10 – Minutes read. Pauline made the correction that the minutes should b sent to her via fax. Approved with corrections.

7:15- Columbia Presentation Crossing presentation by Anne Pressentin. Topics included were history of the bridges, problems with the existing bridges / I-5  and proposed solutions.

Discussion about funding and number of lanes.

For more information:

7:45- Together We Prepare. Volunteers will be going house to house on Saturday, July 17. They will have information packets on preparing for a disaster. Supplies can be purchased at the Red Cross Headquarters at 3131 N Vancouver. The Red Cross also holds free presentations on preparedness for groups.

7:50- Board Vacancy.  Kirsten nominated Kristen Yates from VOA to replace Julia Peters who move on. Seconded by Laurie. Passed unanimously.

7:55- Review of Goals: Status of association goals set by the board at past meetings.

-3 concerts at Dawson Park: 4 are scheduled, with one being part of Emanuel’s Healthy Kids Fair

-Spring Clean up: accomplished in May

-Graffiti Clean-up: scheduled for fall

-Cascadia GNA: finished, awaiting signature

-Bylaws Amendments: no progress, because 2 committee members are no longer on the board

-4 Newsletters: 3 are out, the 4th is scheduled for fall

-Plant 15 trees with FOT: accomplished in Feb

-Home Garden Workshop: working

-Welcome bags for new residents: in progress

-Outreach table at 2 events: 1 done at Earth Day event at City Hall, second set for July 21st concert at Dawson Park. Thanks Johnny and Kirsten.

-Sign RC GNA- status unknown pending report

-Host historical center lecture: working. Pamela suggested holding it in Emanuel’s Lorenzo Conference Center

-Request zoning change on Russell to mixed use: likely to occur (via Mike Warwick)

-Form 2 committees to handle some of the  myriad of information that comes to Clint; still on table

Lots was accomplished!

8:15 Committee Reports:

Morris Street Community Garden – no report

Dawson Park Concerts – Tamille said the first was fun and went well.

Land Use – Laurie said that Cox & Cox will subdivide

Widmere wants to add a Beer Garden next summer

PDX Plan moving to next phase: policy & vision driven Land supply plan          will have heavy impact on Eliot. for more information

Central City Plan asked Mike Warwick to sit on the Advisory Committee on the impact of CRC on Albina area

NECN Land Use and Transportation is opposing the current CRC proposal

Money is available for the park where Grand curves to MLK. Community support needed for maintenance .

Urban Renewal will have a Public Land discussion at Southeast Uplift

NECN – Joan said the board elected not to meet until November. Elections were held, Pauline is their new recorder. NECN suggest all neighborhood associations have board elections in June, for ease of training. Pauline also updated NECN on events in Eliot.

Newsletter – was delivered from the printer. Some issues with getting it out; that’s being worked out.

Oral History Project – Laurie is working with Port City people for the next round of interviews. Still looking for more people to talk to!

RC Stakeholder Advisory Committee– Clint reports that the 3 finalists are now not working on a joint proposal. The committee has changed focus from the MC to the entire RG area.

Urban Renewal– Pauline said new areas are being added to the project. Interstate Objects to the added areas.

Clint informed us that the board traditionally skipped the August meeting, and wanted to know what the consensus was for this year. Julie motioned that we skip August. Tamille seconded. Passed unanimously. Discussed the possibility of an informal social at Dawson Park instead. To be decided.

8:40 –Roundtable

Pauline mentioned all the Farmers Markets that have sprung up in the general vicinity of late.

Kristin offered to look into having clients of the MRC maintain the proposed park at the Grand/ MLK curve

Pamela reminded everyone about the farm stand at Emanuel Wed and Fri, 10 – 4 at Emanuel. She also suggested we take a look at the new Children’s Hospital which is starting to take shape.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50

Respectfully submitted by Julie Woelfer