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The Eliot Neighborhood website is RSS enabled.  Now you can stay up to date using your favorite RSS reader.

RSS stands for Realy Simple Syndication and allows you to keep up to date automatically using an RSS reader.  Their are 2 RSS icons with links in the header on the top of every page.   One is for new posts to the web site and the other is for comments to posts.  You can also subscribe to a feed of just neighborhood events using the Upcoming Events link. Click any one of the RSS links, then copy the URL to your favorite RSS reader.

One thought on “eliotneighborhood.org RSS feeds

  1. Greetings,

    In anticipation of retirement I am considering relocation to Portland and would appreciate information about areas that might meet my requirements. Interested in studios or one-bedroom apartments in the range of $650-800/mo. in areas that are safe, quiet, clean, and centrally located (i.e., within easy access to shopping and other frequently used amenities/services, by foot and/or reliable mass transit). Prefer older (vintage?) well-maintained buildings, not high-rises. Kindly advise if this is feasible within your jurisdiction and how I might locate reputable rental management companies. Thank you for the time and consideration.

    Ron Landskroner

    Oakland, CA


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